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  1. I couldn't agree more about the "kneejerk reaction" in response to dubstep. Dubstep was a niche genre that became too spread-out and over-used, and now there's an automatic "bleh, dubstep!" reaction because of how over-saturated and over-mimicked the genre has become. The understandable bit of negativity comes from dubstep as a clusterf*ck of soundbite sampling, distortion, and synth with no discernible method to the madness. In pieces like this, however, there's nothing negative about the use of dubstep. In good dubstep, it's more than just synthesized chaos. This arrangement takes the source material and creates a unique and excellent song through the use of dubstep elements. This is definitely dubstep in a good way.
  2. This song was one of those tunes in the game that snuck up on you. Despite being background music, it caught you by surprise and made you listen until you realized how beautiful it was. This remix does it justice. Excellent violin work (which, as a huge fan of Chrono Trigger and Cross, is a perfect instrument to use for the more elegant or moving pieces), and the piano was spot on. Great job, guys. To do justice to Mitsuda's work is an impressive feat, to say the least.
  3. I've listened to this song about a dozen times now, and it's a firm choice for my OCR playlist. I really appreciate the ambient, haunting atmosphere in songs like this; and after reading the background of the song, I think it lends a mourning respect for Avien. Very well done.
  4. It took me awhile to see where it was going, but when it hit, I was impressed. This is an underrated song from FF8, and you turned it into a great remix with that - as it's been said a million-billion times - Daft Punk feel. Keep up the good work.
  5. Very well done. It was very drum-driven, and the guitar kept a steady tone for the theme. It gave it a metalcore sound without taking away from the melancholy nature of the song. You should work on it some more, though. Not saying it's not a complete song, but it'd be awesome to see what else you could add to the metalcore Schala's Theme.
  6. The classical theme and instruments fit well with Kate's voice. Too often, as far as what I've heard, vocals tend to clash with the rest of the composition. Definitely not the case here. The beautiful instruments matched the beautiful vocals, making a great take on a great FFIX song.
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