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  1. I was humming and randomly fit a bunch of themes to the same minor chord progression- a,b,c,d- so I played three piano tracks and made this in about ten minutes. It's the skeleton of something, at the very least, but I don't know what to do with it. Does anyone want to do something with it? I relinquish all rights, I'd love to see someone make something of it Is there something similar already?
  2. Oh yeah. Seriously, f--- that cauldron. And the crazy skeleton on top too.
  3. In terms of an actual boss, I'm sure someone has already mentioned Doom Dragon from Golden Sun? (The post is huge, I haven't read it all...) I just remember being 10 or 11, it was the first real RPG I'd ever played, the fight had gone on for a good 45 minutes, and when the three-headed thing finally finished me off I wanted to cry and never pick up my game boy again. It was traumatizing. And, not a boss, but the ReDeads from Ocarina of Time? They'd kill me, not because they were bosses or difficult, but because I was too damn scared to do anything to get them off Link (whatever it was they were DOING to Link was something no child my age should have seen).
  4. Hmm... from a fellow newb, this is what I think. So keep in mind that there are definitely more qualified people to give advice I like what you have so far. Seems very well mixed to my ears, very pretty. However, the synth/bell type thing you have carrying your main source theme is more of a background. The strings stand out more to me, and I wouldn't have really picked up the theme if I hadn't been listening specifically for it. This almost feels like the background for a solo instrument. I couldn't tell you what, maybe the piano you have at the very end, perhaps, but something needs to "take charge"? If that makes any sense. Your source material is awesome, and you can probably use more of it than just the two-measure bit you pulled. Can't wait to hear the update
  5. Thank you so much for the help... I've made a few tweaks. Here's what it sounds like now... I'm not sure exactly what instrument is being referred to... I think I know the section you mean, though. My best guess is the synth-type, "ah" sort of thing, which is actually playing most of the piece. Is it too loud/intrusive there? Hmm... yeah, kinda clashy. I extended the piano part slightly into this part of the piece, so it (hopefully) sounds like one of the instruments is taking charge. I tried to increase the bass, but I'm not sure if that helped the problem. I did lower the volume on the piano part at the end, though. Actually, I'm not sure if that's reverb... thing is, I'm not real experienced with Garageband, so when little red lights popped up next to the volume on all the tracks I just ignored it. Turns out those are bad? So I guess I have to play with that a bit more, hopefully that will fix it. Maybe. Not having much luck on the humanizing aspect, but I did at least pan them for now. I feel like some notes are louder than others too, and I'll work on fixing that.
  6. ...Yeah. It annoys me too (which is probably bad news if I'm the one creating the track). I'm not sure how to get it to not be so... high pitched? Front? So. Question for the expert type peoples- how do you get something to sound like it's in the background? Other than panning from side to side? I've tried reducing the volume of the track, but some higher pitched notes just stick out.
  7. Probably too ambitious a piece for a beginner like me, but I thought I'd try it. My main concern (of which there are many) are the drums. They are loops that came with Garageband, and while I know "legally" it's okay to use them, I feel a little like it's cheating, especially since the piece relies so heavily on them. Suggestions? Ethical debate? Oh, and, you know, feel free to rip the remix apart as well
  8. Haha, thank you so much I'm not entirely sure if I'd want to invest in Logic yet- for now, I'm still playing around and I'm afraid I'd spend a good chunk of money on a program I wouldn't know what to do with. And I haven't encountered anything that makes me think GB isn't good enough yet. But, in terms of how I use it, like menus or format, is Logic radically different from GB?
  9. If there is one this Thursday I'd like to give it a try... um, so is there one this Thursday? Forgive the noobness...
  10. Everyone seems to be talking about their PCs... I'm pretty much computer illiterate. And a Mac user. Just sort of wondering if anyone else uses Garageband or Logic, or knows of better things for a Mac user to be using, or if it's just a lost cause
  11. Okay, it was definitely a bit monotonous... so I added 1. chord progression 2. some stereo (the harp isn't as overpowering? Maybe?) 3. a piano riff (also from Valkyrie Profile, it's part of a battle theme) Did they help? Maybe?
  12. I like it so far... it's a good, full background (although I'm really new to this, so I'm not sure if that counts for anything ). And I like the sort of whimsical feel, especially from the toy-like sound effects you use to punctuate it. Are you using Garageband?
  13. Hopefully that link works. Self proclaimed noob. Never really done this before, but trying to remix 'Epic Poem to Sacred Death' from Valkyrie Profile. Thoughts?