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  1. Dude, I've been a fan of the original since I found it a couple of years back in some hole-in-the-wall site of "Doom Remixes;" I almost didn't download this version thinking that it was just the original having finally been posted here on OCRemix! The production quality of the original never bothered me before (I think it fit the song well, actually), and still doesn't. To me this new version compliments the original rather than replaces it. And I can't understand others' grief with your vocals. I think they're fitting and great! Although, with this new version, an instrumental would be pretty awesome (keeping the screams and female vox intact), and would readily download it in a heartbeat. Thanks for the incredible work done on the original AND this re-recording! If you ever release an instrumental, please let me know. "Asphyxiated Soul" has been, and always will be, among my favorite Doom ReMixes. I look forward to any new work you release!