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  1. I truly have to give a shout out to Ziwtra for this one. FFL2 is criminally underappreciated for its music. Personally, I think it has one of the absolute best soundtracks for handhelds in general. The remake, Goddess of Destiny, with its reinvisionings of the original OST, only reaffirm my beliefs. "Heroes" surges it from background music to fanfare-sparkled foreground, pounding into you the journey from sparkly-eyed youngsters to world-saving heroes, if you will. This song puts in you the bravery of a hundred adventurers, the majesty of a hundred bards, and the wonder of a hundred listeners. This song is exactly what OC Remix is about. I love it.
  2. I've loved this song ever since it was published here, and yet I never said how much I love it. Shame on me. I think everyone has one of those songs that speaks volumes to them without any words, but I hadn't really found it until this one. The atmosphere is amazing. It's ambience personified. It's... wispy and ethereal, fading in and out, whispering in your ear. Like a slow, stumbling, cloudy journey through the mind. It's like the background music of life. It makes me a little sad inside thinking about how Brand New Retro never released another track here.
  3. I have to come back to this. I really do. As I said in my previous post, this is unlike anything I'd heard before. All the dubstep songs I'd heard before simply... didn't sound good to me. They sounded like noise. Dubstep's popularity confused me. Before this, all I'd ever heard was generic riffs and wub wub sounds thrown together haphazardly and labeled as a "song". But this track. The raw, guttural feeling. The grinding, vibrating, angry bass, beautifully woven into the rich Sandopolis groove. It had rhythm and structure, which I hadn't heard before in a dubstep song. I had no idea it could sound like this, I really didn't. I suppose it's akin to hearing poorly-constructed midis of Chemical Plant Zone, then hearing Chemixtrixx for the first time. It truly was something changing and enlightening. Since hearing this, I've expanded my search (since I had a reason to do so heh) and found some dubstep I really enjoy. To the creator of this remix, Alex Coe: you've truly created a work of art here. You have single-handedly turned a former hater onto dubstep. Congrats.
  4. This track. This track right here. To say it's simply great would be a gross understatement that frankly should be illegal. This track is absolutely stellar. It's a fantastic mix that pulses and rips through your ears like it's punishing your brain for not knowing mixes this good could exist. The buildup and fanfare sends chills through your whole body. Or at least it should, it certainly does mine. I'm sure I've listened to this song no fewer than four hundred times since discovering it months ago. It's just that good, taking the already-amazing source tune and supercharging it with funky rhythm and lo-fi scratch arrangements. This track right here. It's a masterwork.
  5. Actually... I had no idea dubstep could sound anything like this. I'd only ever heard screeching and grating from dubstep songs, but this sounds like actual music. This is quite new to me and makes me seriously need to rethink how I feel about this genre. As for the mix itself, it's amazing.
  6. I feel... mighty unobservant. I don't know how I managed to miss Torvus Clockwork and Yellow Valkyrie. I also didn't know DarkeSword was your brother. You have quite a name to live up to, but it certainly looks like you're moving in the right direction. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say, but couldn't manage to say it. "A Hunter's Beginning" makes you think of the very beginning, I.E. just the theme from the first Metroid Prime. That's why I like A Hunter's Journey.
  7. Wow... After seeing some of the incredibly detailed advice already given, my input seems pretty flat by comparison. These guys really seem to know a lot about music. Regardless, here's what I think. It sounds good, but flat. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it feels artificial and two-dimensional. I like the rhythm, though simplistic, and I like the sound of the chorus in it. However, the instruments sound a bit midi-ish. It feels like it doesn't have much strength behind it. I think if souped-up and strengthened, this could sound really good. As it is, OCRemix only has one published Metroid Prime remix and that makes me sad, since the music in the games was just so pretty. As for the title, even though it's the themes from the main screens of the games, I don't think "A Hunter's Beginning" sounds quite right. That invokes thoughts of the actual beginning of Samus, not the start of a new journey. I think "A Hunter's Journey", or if necessary, "The Beginning of a Hunter's Journey" sounds better. First post 'round these parts. Sorry if it sucks.
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