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  1. I would like to enter to win this! I started composing because I loved Uematsu's music so much, and I study with Richard Danielpour at Manhattan School of Music now to become a professional orchestral composer like Uematsu! I hope I can meet him to tell him thank you in person, for inspiring me when I was 13 to pursue this career path. http://www.kentomusic.com/
  2. Someone just did a remix of my remix in Mario Paint...which is kinda crazy and full circle.
  3. Thanks! I hope I get this one reviewed soon...I submitted it in early July so I think it'll at least be reviewed soon. =)
  4. I'm glad that something with a several minute solo could be catchy! I like the idea of a solo still being followable even if it's still definitely a solo.
  5. Thanks! Sorry about not posting in the right section.

  6. Thanks for checking this out so far you guys! I didn't know how interesting it would be to people because I didn't see any other Youtube video doing this with videogame music yet. If there's interest I definitely would be up to doing more...I'd have to figure out how to make it subscribe-able, though. =P
  7. I moved your thread to workshop, as per our Community forum Music posting policy.


  8. Recently, there was a wind quartet that I wrote (in 2 movements) that I posted with the score on youtube as a video, but anyway, there was a Youtube user that posted a detailed description of how he envisioned the music telling a story about Link and Zelda in the music. I thought it was really interesting and relevant, so I wanted to share it with you guys as well. I'm interested in videogame music so I'm really interested in visual associations with music, and how music can tell a story or set a scene. I was amazed out how the comments fit in well with the specific points in the music, and was wondering if anyone else saw it the same way. General comments about the pieces are appreciated as well, but I thought the music-visual association that was suggested by the person was interesting and would be better discussed between other people who like BOTH videogames and music. In A Lake - Life! Snow is Falling: I copied the comments from the channel here. They're posted on the "Snow is Falling" video. dicehiggins (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam | Remove | Block User Beautiful. Makes? me wish I could dance Ballet, because listening to it puts in my head a story.\ ..a zelda based story. Start out with Zelda and Link together, sitting? by a lake in a clearing. (in the first movement) they are talking, dancing, playing, being children. in the background, dancers representing deer and rabbits watch them. (I see the animals around 2 min into the song) around 3:18 things start to get a bit dark something is wrong, the dancers react. 4:00 the animals start to run off stage. 5:00 gannon(dorf) shows up, but hidden from Zelda and Link. around 5:30 she takes Zelda without Link seeing. Begin Second movement. Link looks for Zelda, can't find her. Runs around 'calling' for her. Faerie shows up around 1:10, tells him what happened. They maybe go to a town, ask people if they know what to? do... end up at the temple of time. 1:50 changes into old link at 2:30 he enters a forest. There is snow, and monsters. He battles his way through. he makes it to a dungeon. Enters, and battles his way through. In the music I can see him sneaking through each room, fighting as guards see him. 5:00 is the boss fight.? 5:24 boss is dead. 5:33 receive the triforce. (Just what I saw)
  9. Here's another song I wrote based off of a videogame tune that's too hard for me to play yet! It gets crazier later on when both of the hands start getting more frenetic. The original song is called "Report from the Destroyer" (Omega Five isn't that well-known, so I'm guessing a # of you guys haven't heard the original theme before), and you can hear it near the end of the video. I'm tentatively calling this remix "Report from the 20's", but if you guys have any suggestions for titles let me know~ *UPDATE: I had to remove the link online to this because the person running the compilation requested that the songs on the compilation to not be posted online. Moderators, please feel free to delete this post, if there is an option for deleting posts I wasn't able to find it, so I had to do this instead.
  10. Hi! I had the inspiration to write a piano piece based on Saria's Song, and I wanted to share it with fellow Zelda fans & general VGM lovers as well...I mixed it with Ragtime and Jazz Piano styles, with a solo section in the middle. http://adjix.com/spyn This is the description I wrote on my Youtube page: Legend of Zelda's Saria Song as a jazz piano piece!! Early in the morning hours I was inspired to write this piece in one sitting when I was listening to Saria's Song in my head and suddenly realized that the main melodic motif is a 3-note repeating figure, which is characteristically similar to the "ragtime riff", which creates a polyrhythmic through grouping straight 8ths in 3. After this realization a ragtime version of Saria's Song started playing in my head, and by the time I started running through a solo on the progression I knew this was something I needed to write down. Hopefully there are others who are interested in this concept as much as I was in writing it. There are a large number of solos in the middle section that are on top of the original chord progression, which is mostly original material but in line with jazz interpretations of standards (that is, almost adding more new things than retaining the old through solo sections). I tried to make sure that the original concept of it being based around the catchy Saria's Song was kept, so there is later section where the original song is quoted more bluntly and somewhat humorously.
  11. Hey! I did a really random Zelda video...the idea was to improvise music based on randomly selected cards that had a mood description and the name of a Zelda tune..so if you get "Sad" and "Main Theme", then you have to improvise a sad version of the main theme! And so on. The challenge is of course, doing it on the spot. As you can hear from some of the improvs, the challenge is improv, not fast arrangement, so the improvs have reference material while having new material, instead of just re-setting the old material in a new mood, more akin to jazz treatment of main melodies. I think the video can describe it better than I can, but I thought you guys might enjoy it. =) It's also on a nice piano!
  12. Are you guys still looking for remixers for this collection? If so, what songs are left?
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