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  1. Thanks a lot for the review! I can relate to enjoying the kind of ReMix where you can feel the magic of the original and still hear a completely new side to it.. so I'm honoured. Btw I could definitely see Portal 2 as very nostalgic.. it's 7 years old already! Say a track was posted in 2000 and it was from a game from 1993.. definitely retro! But our perspectives change :D

    1. Crulex


      You're welcome. :) Yeah, when I realized how much time had passed since Portal 2 came out, I think it struck me as nostalgic because I was right in the middle of collage, and now as a working adult, the years seemed to have flown by. Time and perspective can really do a number on me when I finally get a chance to breathe, relax and look back. ^_^