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  1. Man, I always love when a track manages to take a theme and weave multiple sources together so well like the multiple forests here. Lot of great cameos for a neat chippy mix indeed.
  2. It's like taking Nimbus land's theme, hyping it up on sugar and waiting until that sweet spot between the sugar rush and the crash. Not overly poppy or sluggish, just perfectly.... fluffy like a cloud. Great chiptune mix right here.
  3. The whole arrangement screams "western montage of some random bullshit happening behind a saloon while an old guy watches from a rocking chair" and I love it. The guitar twang was excellent for the feeling of the mix and that saxophone work was sweet.
  4. Remembering that the background for this fight looked like robot hell, the menacing atmosphere underneath a warping drum and bass arrangement is highly fitting. Not overly aggressive or loud, but persistent and frantic. Amazing ReMix from the album.
  5. Perfect holiday season ReMix with a solid breakdown. Small production bits aside, this was pretty cool and the small snippet of Jingle Bells fit nicely.
  6. Might be the Snowland, but this feels like a good winter time party in the Bahamas. Nice and jazzy with some cool bells and hot sax. I quite like it.
  7. This gives me the visual of going through the volcano area after the lava has cooled and you're left with a blue hued molten cave. Still a hint of red hot danger lurking around, but it's more chill, energetic and mysterious rather than heavy, aggressive and frantic. Another good ReMix from the album.
  8. Yeah, intro and outro skits gave me old comedy CD or Sandler vibes, and I didn't mind them. The actual mix was nice and fit the setting that it was trying to convey. Humorous and a decent mix all in one, pretty good I'd say.
  9. A little trim in the opening and ending sections would have done wonders, but that's just my preferences coming in. The actual meat of the ReMix was great and it was pleasant to listen to. Not bad at all.
  10. Damn, this is classy as hell and I'm kinda in love which the slight changes and articulations all over the mix. When the mix speeds up, that's when the ReMix goes over the edge from really freaking good to downright awesome.
  11. Yeah, really getting the lounge or live band bar-like diner vibes from this mix, like a neat jazzy jam just going on. Nothing really caught me off guard or anything, so all in all, a very nice mix.
  12. I have to say that I liked the slight hip hop beat combined with the saxophone the most out of this whole mix. The slight variation with the piano was cool as well. Good to see another take on the theme that changes a bit of the formula while maintaining the chill atmosphere.
  13. This is incredible. It's so relaxing and even when the main melody of the source wasn't directly out front, I could still feel the spirit of the tune. Long and chill, but super interesting throughout which is a hell of a feat. I could easily see myself falling asleep to this ReMix. Damn good stuff.
  14. Sounds like it could be the theme of running for your life while being chased down by THE ACTUAL SUN in Mario 3 during that desert level. So aggressive, probably one of my favorite Mario 3 mixes.
  15. I don't know enough about piano playing to understand when a piano sounds good beyond what I hear in the simplest way. Might be both a blessing and a curse for getting to the nitty gritty of music. But for the standard of "I know what I like", I do like this. Well done.
  16. Not a bad piece by any means, as I overall enjoyed it and especially the sax. I suppose any nitpicking I'd have is a personal preference for certain kinds of jazz and such. Still, solid mix.
  17. This is indeed very smooth and delightful. I like how Chun-li's theme can lend itself so well to either ReMixes that amp the source up or relax it back like this one. Super chill, but doesn't get boring, like a damn good light jazz mix.
  18. I can't tell you how much I love that fake out ending before the melody hits one more time. This has all the adrenaline and energy I love about Urien's theme and kicks it up a notch. Nice touch with the vocal clips as well. Loved this!
  19. The combination of the synth and flute actually took me a moment to get used to, but the longer the mix went on, the more I enjoyed it. Pretty good arrangement that executed the funky idea well.
  20. Really does sound like something you'd hear at the end of a solo Guile movie. The orchestra sounds great and the overall flow works for me to give it that heroic vibe.
  21. This certainly feels like the start of something awesome that could have been expanded on, but for what is here, it's a short and sweet jam. Not bad.
  22. Definitely chill, but with a bit of a pulse from the synth. Loved the sonar effect, especially for the end. Very good flow throughout the mix.
  23. This was fun as hell to listen to. Haven't listened to much in the way of trap music before, but I appreciate the fresh take on an old classic and that it sounds like it was put together nicely. Always down for a good beat.
  24. Really caught the prog vibe in the second half, and I think it's neat how well Frost Walrus and Sigma's stage complimented each other. Some good vocals to go with it, all makes for a pretty solid ReMix.
  25. One hundred percent enjoyed this. Beautiful emotion from the piano and using the music to tell a story, this is freaking wonderful. The speed up near the end before it settles back into the rest of the mix is especially cool.
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