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  1. I love everything about this ReMix, from the vocals and the story driven lyrics, to the amazing arrangement and guitar, even the sound effects going along with the music cues. This is fantastic and honestly a good musical representation of what facing Mr. Dream is like most of the time (even if I oddly find him easier to beat than Sandman and Macho once you get the pattern down). Such a great song, man.
  2. Really interesting to hear a techno-ish piece with the intro build up of a trance song, but as long as it’s not boring, I can handle a longer intro and this certainly wasn’t boring to me. Enjoyed the beat and the high-paced energy throughout the song. Kinda reminded me of a lot of electronic music I heard in the early 2000’s, so it feels right at home in my tastes.
  3. Alright, so obviously age and samples didn’t do this mix any favors, but I do have to say that the intro and the overall feeling of the mix still reached my ears well enough. I got an idea of what the vibe was, and I appreciate when a ReMix can remind me of the technical progression music samples have made since then. Always fun to see Type B’s music get mixed.
  4. Such an awesome orchestral arrangement of Millia's theme. She quickly became one of my favorite characters to play as, and her music always seemed just under Ky's for old-school regal sound, so hearing this ReMix kinda expand on that aspect of beauty that was always present behind the rock was pretty sweet. I will say, I feel like the ReMix was at it's best when the tempo picked up and brought that energy in, so I wish there was more of that, but it wasn't enough to bother me really. Pretty decent mix, fellas, I liked it.
  5. Definitely could be considered loud at times, but if you're taking Chipp's high energy theme and giving it the electronic works, you gotta match the energy of a ninja, which Beatdrop does indeed! This glitching effects were great, and the best parts of the original melody remained intact, which is a plus for this switch in styles. I'm so glad I got into Guilty Gear properly earlier this year, so I can fully appreciate the music from the series and the ReMixes that have come from them, like this one. Not bad, man.
  6. I always forget that Tetris had title screen music, but it's more pleasant here than it was in the older games in my opinion. I really like the classical feel of the harpsichord slowly bleeding into the more upbeat Korobeiniki and dancing around it from time to time. Lots of nice arrangement touches here. I enjoyed this.
  7. Man, this is so good! I absolutely love the blending of glitchy funk and Middle Eastern vibes, especially when it lays it on thick in an almost Arabian Nights way in the middle. Shantae is one of those series that is hard to not jam out to and deserves all the love, and adding some buzz to an already hot pair of tracks like Burning Town and Scuttle Town was a great call to make them both pop more. Love it!
  8. This is awesome, man. All the emotions and feelings I'd expect from an exploratory game with a haunting undertone like Metroid is present and accounted for here, with a beautiful orchestral arrangement that has tight production and very intelligent writing. This is as solid as a rock, good stuff!
  9. Funny how DJP mentioned Earth Angel, because I definitely got a 50's BTTF school dance vibes from this while listening to it. It's slow and smooth with enough reverb to allow each note to feel like a floating dream. So much heartfelt sentiment to be gleamed from this, if you're looking for something pretty, relaxing and romantic, I'd certainly recommend this.
  10. Ooh, so funky, and keeping that spooky vibe from the original alive makes it all the better. That solo from ectogemia was slick as hell, too. Very satisfying ReMix of Mystic Cave zone, this built on everything I loved about the original. Fantastic mix, dudes!
  11. You definitely made this Mega Man tune sound even more Mega Man-ish than it was by weaving that driving DnB into the melody and beat, making it lively yet purposeful. That's something I've noticed with the Mega Man series, the themes from them seem to either be high energy anthems or just have catchy arrangements, but the really memorable ones, especially later in the games, have both energy and memorable beats, and that's what this reminds me of. Like, everything is balanced incredibly well so that it comes off better by being melded. Very nice!
  12. As someone who is an unapologetic 80's era music lover and someone who also just recently discovered Mitch Murder through the newer Friday the 13th game, I could not approve of this synthwave Shovel Knight ReMix any harder if I wanted to. I especially like how well Tinker Knight's theme lends itself to a more upbeat treatment here. Fantastic beat, voxy vocals, and great teamwork between the synths and percussion, this is awesome, dude!
  13. Love the touch of glitchy dubs all around this funky track. Not sure intense is the right word, but certainly gives this quite the edge and has a more serious sound than other tracks that have higher energy or funk, but keeps all the fun intact. I always love hearing more Zero ReMixes, and this is a really smooth mix that I enjoyed more than the source itself. Well done!
  14. Funk with a badass guitar and percussion combo? I'm in! This ReMix is executed masterfully and all performers involved should absolutely be proud of this incredible work of musical art. I kinda like the effect about 5:15 in where the music sounded kinda muted only for it to return in full blast, very interesting. Well done guys!
  15. That violin! This is definitely my favorite ReMix from Tetrimino thus far for sure. High quality sound and cohesion, plenty of variation and the instruments were on point the whole time. Got plenty of funk to go around as well. There is nothing to really be said other than this is what a ReMix looks like when the artists knock it out of the park!
  16. DR. WELI's first mix is still one of my favorites from the site, and this song was pretty damn good in it's own right. The percussion was sweet, and the latter half of the mix building towards the end was terrific. Not really much to nitpick that others haven't already pointed out, but all around, this is a solid mix of a great source tune that doesn't get enough love.
  17. This is charming as all hell, and sounds like the perfect song for a low-fi chiptuney journey. In fact, I almost got a Game Boy/Shovel Knight-esque vibe from this mix while listening to it. This is an awesome piece that I thoroughly loved. Great work, Hylian Lemon, I truly enjoyed listening to this several, several times.
  18. Oh yeah, I do love me some Nostalvania working some Jazz magic all over Shadow Man's stage. Sounds super natural, like you could stick this in a jazz club or old school pool tavern and no one would question it. Loved the piano and time sig switching work here, and the arrangement is well written so that the mix never got stale, staying fresh the whole time. This is excellent, damn good mix, I'd say.
  19. Alright, I can see what the ReMixer was going for here with the tropical salsa arrangement, and to an extent it works, but for me there was a tad bit of an issue where I had to focus on either the piano or the acoustics, or else I would lose the thread altogether. The piano sounded good, though, and I can appreciate the attempt as I think this was a good idea, but there were melody things going on that probably could've used a tightening or two. Not bad by any means, but there is room for things to be reworked to make it really good.
  20. MMmmm, those strings sure are tasty surrounded by those harmony-bringing vocalizations and percussion. Definitely an easy to listen to track that, while not completely slow and chill, has a nice relaxing tone to it all, making it perfect to having playing while concentrating on something else in my opinion. The sources are meshed in well together and all in all, the mix just sounds finely executed. Not bad at all.
  21. Fucking hell this was fantastic! There is so much happening at any given time and so many parts of this ReMix made me smile from outright enjoyment. The drop at 0:19 with that dope sounding choir, the use of the SFX especially with Mario's "yahs" keeping the beat, the multiple glitches and switch-ups, the harpsichord, and especially the dark organ sounding bits that lead to the ending that sent this home with a punch. And the best part is it all worked together and fit in one sweet EDM package. This is a crazy ReMix to debut with, and man, I love it! Recommended and going into my playlist for sure!
  22. I LOVE the underlying industrial beat in this ReMix, and of course the guitar work was awesome here. The arrangement was reminded me of some musical styles I would hear in the mid-to-late 90's, especially with some of the cymbal hits, which was cool. Sounded clean, sounded great, can't fault this mix at all. Nice work, fellas.
  23. This is so cool. I'm really digging the stylistic use of the autotune that goes well with the lyrics. Smooth and easy to listen to, but man, do I ever get the feeling of hardcore sadness out of this. I don't know much about FF7 having not played it yet, but I can feel the emotion of just from this mix alone, and that's pretty powerful. Hell of a ReMix, DrumUltimA.
  24. Reminds me of when Metal Zangief showed up in the background of SF4's Cosmic Elevator stage. Would be very fitting for our favorite Red Cyclone to bust a move in space with a tune like this. This sounds extremely 80's and I totally dig hearing more spacesynth, which Zangief's theme fits into nicely. Cool title as well. Awesome mix, man!
  25. While I do love the chug-a-lug of The Distortionist's take on the DKC AA theme, this is awesome in it's own right, taking a more relaxed kind of shredding, which is unique to me because while it certainly rocks hard, it maintains that peaceful soundscape, especially in the middle with the more acoustic section. Same with the outro. Gotta give props to the percussion in the intro for really hitting the mark for accompanying the guitar. The blending of metal and acoustic is still a fresh thing to hear since I don't come across many songs that combine both, so this was very fun to listen to. And that solo is fantastic! I love this and will definitely be rocking this on my playlist.
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