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    Hi, I am Crulex. While I'm not able to Remix music, I have a strong love for gaming and enjoy the music this site offers more than most music elsewhere.
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  1. Intro aside, there is plenty that could have been done here to expand on the warm-up, loose jam idea and it’s a shame that it just doesn’t go there at all or even get more than half a minute. It does sound like a sound check, but man, it could have been built to much more.
  2. It almost hurts my soul that it’s so short, but it’s so peaceful and true to the source that it is still lovely to listen to on a loop for a bit. Definitely agree that this would be a great cutscene track. Always nice to hear mixes build on a song for several minutes, but I’m ok chilling out with this one for a minute as well.
  3. Seems like the longer this ReMix went, the better it sounded and the more naturally it appeared to gel together with the beat and the chill atmosphere. Interesting to say the least, but I did enjoy it. Nice mix indeed.
  4. Short and sweet is right, but it certainly accomplished what it was aiming for by building up to a powerful rendition of Snowpoint before settling back down, like a bird taking off and then landing. Pretty cool.
  5. In much of the same way I feel Naoki Hashimoto delivers the lyrics to a lot of guilty gear songs to paint a picture of the characters, I feel Cyril can really dig into the emotional side of Mega Man Zero’s music and this is a good example. Unique for sure, and as heavy as it deserves. Not bad, man.
  6. This is pretty sweet as a grand tour (or Grand Prix if you will), of several course songs and I love the item selection jingle being used as transitions. The lyrical throwback to the “where you go” video made me laugh because I always remember that video when I play on Rainbow Road. 15 minutes of just awesome mario kart music mixed well, very cool stuff here.
  7. Going back and forth between the 8 bit parts and piano before blending them together was gorgeous and kinda caught me off-guard in the best way at first, I loved it. I’m used to hearing different styles mixed together, but having one transition into another in the way it was done here was cool. Such an interesting idea that really works in my opinion.
  8. I love how perfectly balanced this is between tropical and chill so that it just begs to be looped and relaxed to. There’s just enough ambiance behind the music to paint the picture of a coastal town by the water, but doesn’t overdo it. So peaceful and calming, fantastic mix man.
  9. Beautiful. Definitely gives me the same sense of nostalgic joy that a lot of music does nowadays in remakes and media teasers when you combine a melody you know well with an orchestra. Very nice.
  10. I hear the Final Fantasy arpeggios type deal, and I enjoy the laid-back chill vibe of the mix, but yeah, some of the production could have used a little shine. The one thing that stood out the most to me on that were the cymbals. But it was still cool in its own way and was decent enough. Nothing that I overly disliked or absolutely loved, just liked it well enough. Not bad.
  11. Hmm. I get it, and I gotta say, I’m glad I’m getting it now because I’m not sure I would have understood this a while back. This really does seem like a mix that builds up and gets better with time and repeat listens. I understand the dislike some folks might have for some of the more disjointed jazzy parts especially in the opening minute, but once it starts clicking together I kinda dig it. All a matter of taste, which is perfectly fine. Not my favorite Mazedude mix, but still liked it.
  12. I remember requesting a ReMix from this game over a decade ago right before the movie came out as it was one of my favorites when I was younger, and so I’m overjoyed to hear this game finally get love on the site. The whispered chanting and darker tone really set the mood well and the arrangement is incredible for making this longer track sound good for over nine minutes especially when it picks up near the end. Trance seems like it can be tricky to keep people engaged, but this does it so well. Instant addition to my mp3 and hopefully Prince of Persia gets more love in the future!
  13. Woo! Gotta love that dnb! This is the kind of energy and franticness that an endgame of Tetris 99 should feel like, but I kinda like the way the melody carries on here a little more. Lots of little switch ups kept it interesting and fun, so I liked it well enough. Nice work.
  14. This is incredibly satisfying to listen to. It’s nice to hear an orchestral ReMix explore several avenues of speed and complexity in it’s performance, and makes it almost as fun as more cinematic orchestral songs, but in a different way. Certainly a mix where the arrangement of the sources shines for me.
  15. Orchid’s original stage and the feel of Ultratech in general always gave me the feeling of a gritty and dark yet somewhat beautiful city vibe, so this synthy take on the main theme really hits the spot for me. KI is one of those game franchises that I will always enjoy hearing more love for. Ending didn’t bug me as much because that’s how the original character select theme ended on the ost as well, so I’m used to it. Very nice mix.
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