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  1. holy crap. sounded UNDENIABLY like unfinished sentences from Jet Pack... i'm very familiar with the original tune, didn't even have to listen to the original.. doesn't surprise me though.. it's in Disney's blood to blatantly rip people off.
  2. awwww... dude. really captured a good chunk of the spirit of the game in this one, i thought. love the contrast between mellowy atmosphere and intensity going on here.
  3. a super dope artist named Kevin Merriman did the art... he's amazing. i don't know if he's amazing, or if he just has too much free time on his hands. as it turns out he's also an ultra forum lurker/longtime moocher here on OCR... haha. (i would know, because he is ME!!) anyways, always warms the heart to hear other people diggin the cover. heh. by the way Ran, you and K have fun throwin' down at E3? so jealous...
  4. aww man.. gonna have this on repeat for a while. real good vibes on this.
  5. uhhhh.. nope, sorry. I'm a big time lurker of about 5 years on OCR - but I finally signed up to make it all official right after the FFIV album was released. I'm trying to find ways to 'give back' after so much anonymous mooching of awesome music.. haha.. so yeah - no to the chess thing.
  6. Sooooo... this thread totally just caught my attention today - I'd love to do any album art for the project, if nobody's on that yet. huge FFIX fan. waiting with extreme anticipation to listen to this one.. haha.
  7. EFF WORDS, YESSS!! i feel like i'm in some secret chip tune paradise listening to this. love it.
  8. quite the jawesome track! lovin' the synth vibes. i've actually been listening to this on repeat, and loops surprisingly well!! haha..
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