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  1. Just bought it, some solid stuff and great work there. That said, the whole presentation and wip stuff kills the vibe. Still, happy to grab it.
  2. Arrangement is solid, love it. Change the synth sounds and fix up the overall hi-end (the whole track sounds a bit muffled) and it's gold. The Lost Woods section is amazing.
  3. I really like this remix, so much so I logged into an ancient acount just to say that I like it. Kudos, halc.
  4. 50/50 on this, would have liked to hear more Dance Of Pales, but I think the Wandering Ghost atmos was spot on, so nice work
  5. As said, there are too few Pokemon remixes, and this is a good reason for why there should be more.
  6. Another great remix to add to my playlist, this is some seriously neat stuff. One word; attitude.
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