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  1. Unfortunately as some people said, the vocals are sort of weak. However, the idea behind this mix is fabulous, despite what I thought a Gerudo Valley + lyrics mix would sound like. If the vocals were powerful, this would be one hell of a song. Congrats, and I would suggest re-recording the vocals since its been 5 years. You could make this song even better. Keep up the good work!
  2. It's not jazz guys! Closer to hip-hop or something. Genre rant aside, this is one tight remix. Nice work indeed; very relaxing.
  3. Simply amazing. In fact I just made an OCRemix account for the sole purpose of letting bLiNd know how awesome this mix is! The first 24 bars is pure magic, I've looped this song at least 20 times on my iPod. Well done, love this.
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