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  1. OHHHH MY... this is a pieeeece of cake! very well arranged and near the original and love the original one, the piano, violin, backgrounds, special effects is very perfect and I can say after the first minute things started!! and all the others seems too good for me. thanx for your perfect new remix. but there is one thing I didn't like the piano was too loud, seems like middle frequencies, I don't know maybe Gecko Yamori wanted it like that to deliver a special feel, anyway Gecko Yamori you did a great job I waiting for you next Remix
  2. there are alot of great things to say, frist there are alot of original sounds from the game in this song This makes the song a reminder of the original game and me my self I like this kind of remixes also its good to listen to it when you are angry it gives power.
  3. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAN THIS IS AMAZING PEACE!!! WOW smooth and well mixed nothin to say more than you are the best.
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