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  1. Bueno! I want to remix, but I'm far too chicken shit to get started. So I come here, I listen, I read, I learn. Then maybe one day I offend the art by actually doing something.
  2. So you sent me a link and I've listened twice now. Here are my very n00bish thoughts: The piano through 0:50 seems a little muddy, however I think I have a long-term bias against that particular octave, and it always sounds muddy no matter what's going on down there. If I were editing it myself, I'd declutter some of those chords and make it sound smoother and simpler. It happens again for a few seconds at around 4:38, during the part that's from Draco's solo. The next few minutes, up until the bridge-like part are very pretty, but it seems to build really slowly, especially with the higher intensity and pace of the climax of the song. Overall, I love the seriousness and simplicity with which you interpreted the original pieces. The strings are nothing short of gorgeous and I think they are very well-mixed - their levels are great and I hope you don't change them. I especially love the jump in volume during the climax, because it kind of reminded me of both the LOtR score (which was awesome as far as I'm concerned) and Samuel Barber's volume-insanity in most of his symphonies, in particular Adagio for Strings. I LOVED the addition of the chorus at around 5:50, although I really, really wanted it to be more dramatic than it was. I would call it a yearning, even. Oh, and I totally understand not going into Celes' theme. It's pretty and all, but also overused, and it wrongfully overshadows the other parts of the opera, which you have focused on here with great results. Okay, so I guess that's all I have so far. I think it's beautiful overall, and I hope it's accepted by the powers that be.
  3. VintageGeek

    District 9

    I saw this movie having no idea whatsoever what it was about. I hadn't seen a single trailer, hadn't read a single article, and nobody that I saw it with told me anything about it. I didn't even know there were aliens in it. Apparently, this was the best way to see District 9, because it blew. My. Mind. I was extremely impressed and moved (but not in that mushy Breakfast at Tiffany's kind of way) by the story, and I had trouble sleeping that night, which is usually really weird for me. Excellent, excellent film, tremendous acting, beautifully filmed, and yeah...the ultraviolence was just the right level of OMGWTF. I don't know if I liked it better than any other movie that's come out this summer, but I definitely intend to watch it again, soon. Oh, and somebody made a comment about Enemy Mine? Dude, totally. Oh oh, and somebody else said something snarky about Michael Bay? DUDE. Totally.
  4. What she SHOULD do is add a statement declaring to the public that she changed your quote. By just changing it, she's pulling a CYA maneuver that covers up the whole ordeal. From my perspective, the problem is not what she actually wrote, but that she wrote something that was never said. She's cleverly avoiding the real problem by fixing the secondary problem.
  5. Dude, right now, you're my favorite.