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  1. Thank you! Maybe it happened because you saw the video just after I uploaded it and youtube were still updating the data, so there were compression issues (maybe). I struggled a lot with the mix, there are 4 guitars going on... I'm trying to improve my mixing technique so I can upload videos more often, but it's very hard! More difficult to mix than to play the tunes!
  2. This was requested by Korak the Mad a couple of months ago, I hope you like it ^^
  3. here the link and thanks again to everyone ^^ http://kiwi6.com/file/2uy6664b6q
  4. Thanks a lot! If you want I can send you the mp3 (just send me a pm with you email address) About other Castlevania remix: The tracks I already made were covers - yes - but I added solo parts not present in the original pieces. I like all the tracks you mentioned, also I made a couple of arrangements of them, but I'm not really satisfied with the result. The reason is simple: I need to "feel" and be in love with the piece I arrange/play or it will be mediocre, just a pure reinterpretation on guitar instead of the original tune, which I find useless. Anyway I put them in my list because I like some of them a lot, but I'll do my remix when I'll find comfortable with my mixing and especially remixing skills (intended as proper remix, according to OCremix policy, not re-mixing/re-recording the instruments)
  5. Since I commented this thread I listened to your track several times, I really like it! Please, make the definitive version
  6. Love this I only find the whistle too weak starting from 1:20, it looses "strength" (maybe a fiddle would fit that part?). Anyway good job!
  7. Man... this is a HUGE and GREAT work!!! I love it, wonderful! I just made a couple of Castlevania covers, but your work is amazing, superb mix and real remix... awesome. Also i checked your YT channel... FFVII, woa! I instantly subscribed.
  8. Thank you very much guys! I had the same feeling... don't know how they didn't notice or cared about You know, I have a long list of songs/ost I'd love to cover, but since you asked me and since I like Castlevania ost I will consider doing someone of that in the near future
  9. I made a new re-mix + added some solo parts : D I hope you like it!
  10. FH is one of my favourite tracks... I really enjoyed this yup!
  11. Guys... thank you so much for your words! Really appreciated (thank you for the likes/comments on YT too! ). I don't know if this is the right section to post re-mixed (not remixed ) cover songs... If not, sorry. I'm preparing other songs, maybe I can post them here if it is allowed. Thank you
  12. Not really a "remix" ...I mean, I re-mixed, re-recorded everything and arranged the organ solo on guitar. I hope you like it
  13. Yes, right! I know it But, I don't know... I liked this ff4 release more (even if in general I prefer ff7 soundtrack)! Maybe because ff7 had so many remixes, CDs etc... I never heard ff4 sounding like this! The transition from a early snes soundtrack to a professional orchestral remix made me... errr... happy! ahahah It's awesome! I can't wait to hear a ff6 and 8 orchestrated album like this one
  14. These are probably my favourite tracks from FF7 OST, they're so nostalgic and sweet! I'd realy like to hear an orchestrated-mix-version of these...
  15. I joined this forum just to say that this new FF4 album is so so awesome and WAAAAY better than the "remix" of the DS version... really a fantastic work. I love the orchestrated pieces!!! Can't wait to hear other FF releses...
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