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  1. Hoo boy, I haven't posted in awhile As it is, Atmuh, what you were doing was griefing. It was complained about, and an admin dealt with it. This isn't a democratic whatchamacallit, so I could theoretically get on the OCR server one day, say "hi" in chat, and get banned. The admins have full reign over what they do on their server. Compound the fact that you were griefing with the fact that you have a history of doing this, (and lying about it. "I haven't !votebanned in ages" then a few posts later "ok so I did it 5 days ago), means that the admins, when they're faced with you causing issues again, are going to be far less lenient about it. Do you have to like it? No. It's their rules. And I can't suggest enough that if you don't like it, don't play here. I haven't been here long enough to know your entire history (only the snippets I've heard about), but from what I've seen of your mannerisms here on the forums, I entirely believe you've been a pain in the past and that the admins are finally just done giving you chances. Also I totally need to play tf2 more, but every time I get on, Miyako is playing demoman and makes me hate the game with how good he is compared to me. /shakefist.
  2. My reserved slot seems to have poofed. Any way I can get that reinstated? D:
  3. I possibly might be able to make it, not sure yet, depends on when I'm needed for ToGC.
  4. You guys were warned before to not team stack, weren't you? So why did you think it'd be ok to start doing it again?
  5. Bleck, are you just trying to escalate things that don't need to be? Really, we get you don't like the game. No, we do. You've said your piece. There's no need for you to continue posting, other than attempting to troll people. So really, can you just stop and let people discuss something they like in peace?
  6. Bleck would be the exception to the rule. Or whatever it is.
  7. Don't listen to anyone who's putting this game down. When you get down to it, the game is fun. If you liked Baldur's Gate, or Neverwinter Nights, you'll like Dragon Age. It can be difficult, which imo is a great thing. It honestly had been forever since I'd been actually challenged by a game.
  8. SPOILER: Uh, yeah? Loghain basically ruined Alistair's life. The only thing he had going for him was the Grey Wardens, and Loghain retreating disrupted that. It also got the King killed, and caused a power struggle that almost tore the country in two. So I can see why Alistair did not like you letting him live.
  9. Thanks for the actual answers folks. Just one more thing. You aren't really denied it though. You did it. You know you did, and the people who you might have played with know you did. So at this point the 'achievement' being unlocked should be a moot point. Shouldn't knowing you did it overwrite whatever you feel about it getting reset? (Also I think this is the first time people have actually discussed stuff with me instead of getting pissed off and angry because I ask questions. So a big thank you for that.)
  10. I repeated my question once because nobody had really answered it. Then people said "We don't need them." I then said "If you don't need them, why make such a big deal over something like this that you know you don't need?" Someone who didn't post here said something about a sense of entitlement, which I kind of understand. Before achievements came along, when you did something cool or hard in a game, you just had yourself and your close friends to show off to. Which goes along with what Edge just said. With the addition of achievements, having a low amount lowers your epeen, so you have to have them all. Is this fairly spot on, or is there something else I'm not understanding?
  11. In order to accept it, I need to understand it. So I ask questions. I find out why people act this way instead of just nodding and smiling. EDIT: Except I'm honestly not trolling. I do actually want to know why people make a big deal about things like this, in hopes of understanding why they do it.
  12. Ok. So if they're not needed, why do people make such a big deal over them? I mean, quite a few people are here in this thread raging because they're being reset. If you do not need them, why are you getting mad? That's what I don't understand. you're making a big deal over things you admittedly do NOT need.
  13. So why do you need the achievement? Shouldn't just accomplishing the hard thing be enough? Did you ever do something 'hard' in a game before this whole achievement bullshit came out and be proud of yourself for doing it? Hopefully the answer is yes, because you should be doing the same thing here. Be proud you did it, and don't make a big deal over the 'achievement' still being locked or reset or whatever.
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