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  1. Ha I just heard from jarski about this. This is great. It's bouncy, it's got swing, it's groovy. It doesn't sound too bassy or anything to me. Keep bringing that energy!
  2. I don't normally participate in PRC but I really like Splatoon 2 so I had to make a song for this one. I'll leave out other comments about the song until after voting's done.
  3. I came here just to post that I remember this song, I enjoy it (even if it's more for the memory of its existence than actually listening it) and that my life has been enriched by this song. I'm really glad that OCR didn't remove this song due to lack of arrangement or lack of quality or anything else like this, because this song really is a big part of the site's history. Listening to someone play the new Zelda DS game as I type.
  4. This does seem a little like charity, but there are many artists out there who are very solid and produce frequently. Besides, if Kickstarter's shown us anything, it's that people out there are willing to pay a lot of money for nothing already.
  5. I heard of this today and thought that some members of this community might be interested in checking it out. I haven't personally used it (neither as a patron nor an artist) so I don't know how well the model works, but it's a very new service and might be worth checking out for members of this community, given the community's general interest in independent artists and bands. It's called Patreon It is basically kind of like KickStarter, but more about ongoing support rather than supporting a big huge project with a deliverable. So rather than giving $20 or $40 with the intention of getting some big album when it's done, you're giving $1 or $10 as a "thank you, keep doing cool stuff" to the artist. Here's an article explaining some of the concepts behind the idea as well from the founder: Once again, I haven't actually used this service but I thought it might be of interest to this community. If you do try it out and there are good things or bad things you should definitely let me know and keep us posted.
  6. This song is an instant classic and will be talked about for years to come.
  7. Huge congratulations to you all. This is a massive win for the community, for the artists and arrangers, and especially for the listener fans of FF6. It's probably not an understatement to claim that the music video remix/arrangement scene wouldn't be as big as it is without FF6 being released in its day.
  8. According to the Peavey site there's an update to the Revalver HPSE that'll fix this. Direct link at
  9. Good to know that this works in Logic with that workaround. I've never wanted to learn how to play rhythm guitar. I've always wanted to drag and drop it into songs though. Hmmmmmmmm
  10. I bought a pair of Mackie HR624s from a pawn shop for about the price you asked. Rokit KRK 8s tend to get good reviews as middle-of-the-road monitors, I would have bought those if I didn't get the Mackies. The bigger drivers will help with the bass, 6" can be a little light on the bass side. As for monitors vs. headphones, I used to mix on headphones, but mixing on monitors is just... well, more fun in my opinion. But when I'm doing precise mixdowns, I'll A/B my mixes on both headphones and monitors and adjust.
  11. We had a HUGE turnout this time. For those concerned about the length of the listening parties, don't worry about that - such a turnout really happens about once in every hundred compos.
  12. thread bump. BTW I still have those GBA Golden Sun games for sale, I'll be willing to entertain offers
  13. I'm a Mac user, if you want me to I can make a project with these presets and just kind of play them so you know what they kind of sound like. Then you can go find equivalents for Windows. But PM me and remind me to do it this weekend or I might forget!
  14. I should set a five year plan to get an FFT mixpost up under my name or something.