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  1. MoogleDee

    Pax 2010

    Can't wait to see you guys there again LESS THAN TWO WEEKS *squee*
  2. I agree, every panel should start with Music of My Groin. And Overcoat, did you get yours signed by Long Vo? I got him to do a little Lilith doodle in the inside cover of my Tribute book.
  3. You guys had a god damn awesome panel for us. Thanks for coming out to Seattle! For the last of the SF2HDR fights, you shouldn't have picked "Fingers", we had another crazy mofo right in the front row. Anyway, shoutout to all the crew! (I was the dude with the black Megatokyo shirt that said, ゾンビ on it) And yes, I reregistered (I forgot my old login) just to post this.
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