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    Retro videogame enthusiast, PC hardware/software geek, overclocker of ancient consoles, collector of 30-year old electronics. Also runs a web site dedicated to researching the Ecco the Dolphin game series and its many prototypes. Is fond of bagels. Looking for someone to go back in time with me. You must bring your own weapons. Safety is NOT guaranteed. You'll get paid when we get back. I have only done this once before.
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  1. I'm concerned about how this is going to affect my experimental reinforced-kevlar armor and iron Thompson submachine gun. Notch really bent over backwards to design those for me. Oh well, I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk.
  2. Just SSH into the server and log the connected IPs. Then compare the IPs in question to the IPs of people who post on OCR (anyone with admin priveleges should be able to see that). Should help getting to the bottom of it. EDIT: I figured it out. An extremist fan of OCAD from Tallinn, Estonia has hacked into the server to help expand the empire of Tir Na Nog or whatever it's called and drive the OCR server into the evil OCAD cult's clutches. Now it is clear.
  3. I'm surprised it's not a feature. I would just expect you'd have to craft a lock AND a key AND if you die and lose your key you can't get into it ever again without crafting a lockpick or something. Making a game in this age, when griefing and trolling is rampant, that just assumes everyone will be on the honor system, is rather naive.
  4. What pisses me off is that anything that goes wrong on the server is going to be automatically blamed on me. So unless someone insists, I'm just going to stay off the server entirely. Why did I get a game called Minecraft if I didn't want to do tedious, mindnumbing, timewasting mining? I wanted to BUILD shit, and the only reason I played at all was because the OCAD server was set up, Brushfire bought me a copy as a gift, and was a mod so he could give me lots of shit to build with without the tedium. I'd really rather just play on the OCAD server since the whole reason I play this game at all is to hang out with friends who do, and build stuff without the tedious "punch blocks for nine hours" bit. Sorry about causing this ridiculous overblown shitstorm, but I'm really surprised you guys are taking this so seriously to begin with.
  5. I'm the one at fault, don't go giving Brushfire or anyone else on the server at the time any crap. I misunderstood what chests were community and which were personal. Had I been trying to grief I'd not have taken just a couple of things, I'd have taken everything and dumped lava everywhere or something. I already apologized to Abadoss on the server, anyway. I don't see why this has to be such a shitstorm. However I must make it VERY CLEAR that anyone who thinks OCAD or anyone who happens to hang out with us now and then on Skype is some kind of evil griefing posse needs to take off their tinfoil helmet and take a breath.
  6. I think the server blewed up. EDIT: Nm, now it's fine. Huh.
  7. Awesome! Thanks! EDIT: says I am not white listed
  8. I'm game Can I get in on this? Username is 'epicenter713'. Thanks dooders
  9. It might be more moving if the characters didn't have all the personality depth of a teaspoon. Also it's kind of mean to your audience to have a string of 600 some odd bad punchlines and then BAM dead babies. But that's just me.
  10. Brushfire and I put this mahvelous volleyball game together in Garry's Mod. Hope you liek. We plan on making more elaborate and OCAD themed stuffs there soon-times. Feel free to volunteer to help. Pardon the giant image. Will resize if needed.
  11. I 100% support this endeavor. I've seen some douchiness in my time but hoooooly shit. Kinslayer's latest 2 posts absolutely take the cake.
  12. It should probably say Dem Boobz, but I'll take this too. Image by Blian '''''''#*(#&@
  13. I shall be bringing a London Broil made of garbage and shopping cart. It's a delicacy. You must eat it. also a pickle in a bag it has zest
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