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  1. Wonderful mix! I'm a big fan of the music from the original UT, so I'll admit I was disappointed when I searched the site and found only one remix, but I was very glad that this only one was top-notch. Listening to this brings back memories. Love how you included the voice from the intro. When I heard that, I thought, "Oh, yeah! I remember this!" Liandri corporation... hundreds of billions... etc. Personally, I think this dance/club style you've got going is particularly well-suited to the UT music. Maybe this soundtrack hasn't been remixed much because it's already so electronic and remix-y sounding. (Sorry - not being a remixer myself, I can't always find the right words to describe what I'm trying to say. I hope you can figure out what I mean.) Anyway, I love it. This one's going on the iPod. If you ever feel like remixing another original UT track, I humbly request "Mechanism Eight".
  2. Great mix! I really enjoyed listening to this one. It's got a very electronic sound. It reminds me of some of the music from the original Unreal Tournament. I'm keeping this one for sure.
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