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  1. Metal Gear Solid 2. Started watching music videos with that theme, then found one with Legend of the Snake, which led me here, which led to my entire interest in VGM as a whole. Which then led me on to all the projects on here. Which incidentally was what led to me buying FF7, Chrono Trigger, and generally getting into JRPGs as a genre.
  2. HOLY SHIT ITS TYLER HEATH. Nice to see you haven't disappeared from the music world. This album is fantastic, all of the tunes are brilliant. I'm off to spend the night listening to Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle, Storm in the Desert and Predetermination on a loop.
  3. I hope so, because more people than were online now need to see this. These were some of the best arrangements I've ever heard.
  4. Big Bridge was excellent. I'm kind of wishing that they'd put Dancing Mad in there.
  5. WOW. Chrono Trigger blew me away, but an orchestrated 'Those Who Fight'? With choir? DAMN. Cutting off One Winged Angel with Chocobo was genius.