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  1. I've been playing this regularly since you posted it even though it's a heavy wip... would love to hear if there's been any progress!
  2. I've been playing this little diddy since you posted it, even though it's just a short little 2" WIP. I'm not a big poster, I think I'm still in the single digits, but did also want to say that I've really enjoyed all your stuff, in particular Chronicles, Scar Sealing Girl, and Victory Festival. So thanks for all the badass tunes, and really hope you develop this one!
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't been asked before, I did a brief search through and couldn't find anything. There are WIPs which are high quality enough that I listen to them along with my other favorites posted on the site. Problem is these WIPs were last updated a year+ ago, so the remixer probably stopped working on it. If they were to see a few posts from people reminding them they had something really good going, the morale boost might inspire them to finish it. So, options on how to do this: PM the remixer. But this means that only one voice is heard, and that voice might not be one well known in the community like yours truly, so it wouldn't be too significant. Thread necromancy. Is this frowned upon (if the thread is still even available)? Start a thread specifically dedicated to people listing WIPs of high quality which they'd like to see finished. Thing is, eventually this would turn into a monstrosity of a thread that's really no longer of any value. Maybe there could be an annual thread of this nature, the "votes" are tallied, and the 3 most popular WIPs are listed (at which point that year's thread is locked). This might be enough to inspire the remixers anyway, but maybe also if one of those remixes is completed and accepted to the site, the remixer gets a prize of some sort like one of your cool hats. Obviously not my call there. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I kinda figured it was just about the same as this line: "Live performance or playback of OverClocked ReMixes may occur in commercial, for-profit spaces such as stores, private clubs, or other gatherings, so long as no cost is explicitly associated with listening to them and no endorsement of the commercial entity by OverClocked ReMix can be inferred." But did want to double check.
  5. Long time listener, first time caller. To say I love the music you guys produce is a huge understatement, it really is amazing stuff. An e-mail went out at work today which asked people to submit original pieces of music which would be used as our hold music. My mind instantly went to your site. I reviewed the content policy and it seems like it'd be fine, but I wanted to make absolutely sure that it would be okay to use for this purpose. It's particularly weird since we wouldn't be able to preface the hold music with "THANK YOU FOR HOLDING. HERE ARE SOME PHAT TUNES COURTESY OF OCREMIX.ORG." Thanks for your response, again you guys are badass.