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  1. Currently I'm working on a remade version. Ill post the link here as soon as I'm ready!
  2. Awwwww! Great stuff! I listen to it in my car, full volume, Mega Bass and the windows down! Reminds me of early 90's euro-pop styles... or Chris Hülsbeck's works... actually Chris Hülsbeck's works DO sound like early 90's euro-pop... lol... whateva
  3. UNFAIR! Believe it or not I am... I was just working for the last week on a piano version of Ken's Stage! Strange conincidence! Well now I'll look like a poser when I contribute it so I'll have to think of something different for Ken. And really nice mix, though
  4. I dont wanna sound über-excited but i think EVERYONE of us could learn a lot from that piece of work! by the way... Total Annihilation's soundtrack was awesome too
  5. NICE WORK! I suppose all of the featured Koji Kondo's works are absolutely meant to sound THAT way, because we all know his tendency towards bright latin-influenced compositions and arrangements... 9/10
  6. Agreed... the flute is crap. It came straight from my YAMAHA-Keyboard cause i had no possibilities to use any SoundFonts or VST Instruments. But I'm working on a re-done version of it for quite a time, but i just cant find a nice sounding Flute-SoundFont. So if anybody knows a good link it's highy appreciated! Cheers! texx
  7. Yep, this mix is up to 70% post-1980's And you folks really made me think of a symphonical re-remix of it... i really should try THAT approach
  8. M'kay... I could do a little better i guess. but not much.. sorry... And thanks to EVERYONE who spent some valuable time on commenting my mix so far. I appreciate this A LOT! So thanx folks! Cheers
  9. Happy 2004 ev'rybody! And thanx for making my Ducktales tune the last 2003-impression on OC-Remix! Cheers!
  10. the rhodes remind me to grover washington jr 's arrangements. really nice work!
  11. Thanks guys and gals for the kind words. I'm working on some new stuff. Top secret Now I've got an electric guitar! Ho-ho-ho!
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