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  1. Loving this tune Tepid. It's definitely going in my OCRemix playlist. In fact, this makes me want to throw on my Hyrule t-shirt and go clubbin'! Nice job.
  2. Liontamer, you got it. While I haven't yet found where I can hear that track directly, that info led me to finding it as the Temple of Fiends music from the original Final Fantasy. Thanks a lot for the help, Liontamer. Been trying to figure that one out for a while! A very grateful AgntOrange
  3. Here's the link. Let me know if anyone knows what the song is. Thanks, AgntOrange
  4. Okay, interesting problem here. Years ago, a friend of mine in college and I were looking at some video game trailers for Final Fantasy Alpha. However, I've been unable to locate the source of the music they used for the video. I still have the video, and can extract an mp3 of the music if that would help, but I wondered if anyone would be willing to try and identify the mystery music. Thanks, AgntOrange
  5. Hey guys, just thought I'd put my two cents in on songs that need some attention: Shadow of the Colossus - A PS2 epic whose soundtrack gave me chills at times. I actually bought the game's soundtrack (unfortunately had to be imported) but listening to it made me realize there are a few songs that could definitely work in grand piano (Bladiator would be perfect for this) or even in techno or rock (Zircon). Starfox - The original Starfox and the N64 version both had some very good music, just not seeing a lot of remixes for them. They might be worth a visit. Twilight Princess - Great game,
  6. Okay, I've been a OCRemix fan for a long time, I just never registered to get in with the community. I decided to change that after hearing this track. I agree with everyone that this is an AMAZING track. The guitar work is definitely blows me away. I only have one complaint with the whole song: I believe the bass drum line on the back end is overpowering. The constant beat tends to draw attention more than the guitars, which should have complete focus in my opinion. Otherwise, this is an excellent revision to one of my favorite games' best tunes. Keep up the great work, Monkey!
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