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    My name is {super secret}, though I go by many different names, depending on how you know me. I am a polyamorous androgynous creature of the Cyber World and its more physical realm, the human collective. Physical Sex is repulsive and gender is ever changing and ever flowing, so please use the proper pronouns for me, xem {zem}, xyr {zer}, xemself {zemself}.
    I draw, model and sing. Many things excite me, ranging from Anatomy to Zombies. I laugh a lot, and smile even less.
    I tend to read quite abit and engage in philosophical and theological debates of everything I have a opinion on.
    Many are unsure of me, and its befitting for them to be such.

    A Look Into Me:

    //I’m an every-changing larva within a cocoon of freedom_and_dark germs.
    //Gender is a sedative_for_the_masses, I prefer.menthol.\
    //Never try to figure.me out, You’ll never understand the readings_in_the_mirror.\
    //I’m learning, squirming, fishing.out a drop of 1k%-effort_for_my_life.\
    //Filled with a mile of creativity, a jar.full of fun and a screaming _mass_of_the_wildly_inappropriate.\
    //Every shimmering, lucid, inch.of the human_body_is_art.\
    //Pornography is lovely for an uneducated.wank, but I raise the bar_then_smash_it when I remove my layers.\
    //I love.all types of people, all genders_and_species. (Animals, Neanderthals, Aliens, Dead or Alive etc).\
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    FL Studio
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    Electric Bass
    Vocals: Male

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  1. I have never seen that episode.

  2. Oh very cool This stuff makes my head spin. I've been reading the manual, Abit. And like....I got the Reaper program dl'ed Now I just need to find like sounds, synths, hardward and all that jazz to get me started. And learn ho to work them
  3. Lol! Thanks for that Dyne. I am all up on the Reaper Tutorial by DeathbySpoon. I'm all excited. Though, curiously, all music programs use a DAW system?
  4. Thanks guys!!! Now, .dll plugins are the sounds and instruments right? And btw, when I try to dl the manual, it will pop up a new screen and freeze or w/e and not dl. Confused @_@
  5. Is there like a manual/book that teaches the user all the in's and outs of using Reaper? I fiddle yes, but I am more of a analytical person when learning something new. So I like to have a book that I can reference often. Is there such a book? Thanks guys and gals.
  6. True enough, but I'm lazy. and You guys know so yah. Win win. Ah thanks very much! I am dl'ing it now. DAW what is that? Heh that's digital audio workup right @_@ Sorry I know I'm slowing killing you all with my dumbness xD
  7. Thanks, and welcome to the site.

  8. XD.

    Random, reminds of me the crab people on South Park :D

    We ...are...teh....crab..people xD

  9. On a plate, I suppose.

  10. Oh. Derp me. Why didn't I think of that @_@. Golly, anyways, Thanks for a bunch of the help!
  11. Thanks guys!! Anyone know where I can find a full version of FL7 or above? I mean I am sure there are better programs then that. I have a crack version that sucks.
  12. by the by, sigs are only allowed to be 250 pixels tall, so you might want to change that

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