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  1. Now this is something special indeed! I am so glad Fallout 3 finally got some love, and, some love it got indeed! The whole mood, and feel of the music really gets me thinking back to the wastelands...and makes me all the more excited for new Vegas!
  2. Good song, and, although I noticed the drums, they didnt actually, as mentioned, get too bad! A great effort!
  3. Listened to the album, and loved it! It haas been a sincere pleasure and a audio dream! I have been waiting for this one for a while and my wait was not one of dissapointment! The website is also great, love the design and the box art, very, very cool! I would agree with the above that the lack of a "Small of Two Pieces" remix is a little bit of a letdown, but it dosnt detract from the epic greatness of the album as a while All of you should be proud of what you achieved!
  4. Certainly an interesting mix! I remember hearing it first time and I was like "Wow...is that what I think it is!?" I thought it was a little odd at first, but after a couple of re-listens I could see how it fit in and, indeed, complement the song! An unusual, and uncanny mix, but one that certainly hits all the right places, if you catch the drift, lol Much commendations for lateral thinking!
  5. Beautiful mix with a really nice and warm background to it. Feels like something you might listen to when just sitting back and having a lazy day, with he clouds flying above and the sun beating down on you, ignoring the rat race. Its relaxed, and well created! Kudos indeed!
  6. Just listened to it. Really nice, yes does seem a little repetative at times however that dosnt detract from the overall pieces greatness. Nice arrangement, certainly worth adding to any fans collection!
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