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  1. Hello All, You will find below all the tracks of my album, which was released on November 18th. I know I still have a lot to learn and if I could have a feedback from some professionals it would be great. The album contains 16 tracks and a bonus track. Its structure is Intro - 2 tracks - Interlude - 2 tracks - Interlude ... - 2 tracks - Outro - Bonus. I hope you like it and don't hesitate if you have any comments Best, Leonis C.
  2. Hello, You will find one of my compositions. Hope you like it Don't hesitate if you have any comments. Best, Leonis
  3. No I don't think so, the sound is there even in the wav file. I guess it's the audio device I was using, I will pay attention next time. I realized it at the end. Thanks anyway ^^
  4. Thank you for the answer ! No I am not using an old computer (asus G75VW) but I wasn't using the asio4all plugin, I guess that may be the problem ? using the default audio plugin
  5. Yes I can hear it too. Any idea what it can be or how to remove it ?
  6. a quick orchestrated version of the pokemon RSE route 104 theme. Feel free to give your remarks ps : just for fun, I'm not submitting this to OCR I know it's not what they like since it's just the same theme and there is no variations.
  7. two versions of the Amber Valley theme from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (FFTA) for GBA. The first one is an orchestrated piano concerto, not really axed on the piano. And the second one is a piano duet version. I really love this game I had over 500 hours in it when I was 14 y-o. So much nostalgia. Disclaimer : It's just fun I know it's not what we look for here in OCR. I've just wanted to revive this theme =P. I hope I did not kill it on the coutrary haha.
  8. An orchestrated version of the pokemon gym theme, inspired especially by the Gold&silver one. =D
  9. Hello everyone ! This is my piano/orchestra version of skyrim's theme dragonborn. I still didn't record the piano part, but I'm going to play it(in a real piano I mean), I wanted some feedback before merging the orchestra part with the piano recorded one. link :
  10. Hello ! Here is my extended version of the figaro's castle theme from FFVI =D . Hope you like it ^^
  11. Hello Everyone ! This is my piano cover of the fi's theme from Legend of zelda - skyward sword for wii. I did the orchestra backing track in the second repetition. Hope you like it, don't hesitate to comment !
  12. Thank you ! by the way that's a nice final fantasy project you have.
  13. I see what you mean. Yes I also think that part is missing some bass notes, I may fix that later.
  14. Hello ! My orchestrated/Piano Version of Victory Road (Champion Road) for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Hope you like it ^^
  15. Hello ! Here's my orchestrated version of Dance of Gold. Enjoy ! Don't hesitate to comment if you have any remarks.
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