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  1. Hey folks, we made a new video clip: Enjoy!
  2. thank you, man! :-)

  3. So, as i told you before: Today marks the release of our longplayer "BULLETRIDE". You can order it via amazon, itunes or other major online stores. And this is our music video "See You Again In Alabama". Hope, you like it! Cheers, Julian
  4. I really like Fierce Fairground Fight. Especially the intro and the slower part before and during the guitar solo.

  5. Hey folks, there's news coming along regarding my band BIG BALLS COWGIRL. Our full-length album will see the light next week, on friday 20th july 2012. Besides a trailer and an upcoming music-video there will also be a short review in the german edition of the METAL HAMMER magazine. There's indeed a significant difference between the band and my prog-rock-inspired remixes, but it's guitar-laden in the end, so you might give it a listen, too. Thank you for your attention, fellows. Cheers, Julian https://www.facebook.com/BigBallsCowgirl http://www.myspace.com/bigballscowgirl http://www.bigballscowgirl.de/
  6. Longer? Ok, i'll do my very best next time As the file size limit grows steadily, there's no reason my next remix should stay that short
  7. ...glad you like it all. thanks for the compliments. looking forward to seeing more tracks posted. turned out to be a great album despite some lacking polish in the beginning (my track included )
  8. Yeaaaah, they posted your song! Now you gotta blow it out of the water with Magician's Tower >:]

  9. Has it really been a couple months since I heard from ya? How are things, man? :-D

  10. ...for sure. but time will tell. the turtles remake was bad. hd-graphics arent't reflecting the natural feeling of this game. but what remake did really feel natural?
  11. http://www.videogameszone.de/Xbox-Live-Arcade-Thema-230068/Videos/Double-Dragon-Neon-Ingame-Trailer-zum-Arcade-Game-veroeffentlicht-877649/
  12. Man, anyone seen the first gameplay trailer? the music sucks, why didn't they ask Sixto if he would let them use his "The Secrets Of Sosetsuken" remix? That would have fit better, concerning the opening level (don't know the rest of the soundtrack yet).
  13. Sounds like you've got a lot of cool stuff going on. Keep me updated, man! Glad to hear things are going so well. :-)

  14. Hey, it's finally time for some news regarding our band: We finished recording our album. You can listen to some tracks on http://facebook.com/bigballscowgirl You will surely discover that our singer has changed her haircut since the last time we came out with something. Yes, she's actually new and named Katharina, and she kicks ass, both on stage and on cd. Please leave a feedback, we're constantly working on getting better every day. Cheers, Julian
  15. no nothing new. aint got time atm, much to do with real life/band stuff etc.

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