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    Im a random furry who has more musical ideas than talent :P
    Im just starting out with musical stuff, but i think i will get the hang of it... eventualy ^.^

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  1. I was listening to a song today, called "Music sounds better with you" by a group called Stardust (later known as Daft Punk) .... and the main tune of the song..... sounds just like Dreams of an Absolution...... I was thinking it would be cool if DoaA was done in a Daft Punk style, with like voice changing stuff.... I would do it but im not skilled enough XD but yea, I would call the song "Daft Absolution" Link to "Music Sounds Better With You" (maby the DoaA was inspired by this in the first place...)
  2. Im looking for Sega Soundfonts and or VSTs.. Mostly for free as im poor XD Side note: any 16 bit or 32 bit is also welcome :3
  3. I realy suck at coming up with music on my own..... so what I do is get a MIDI file of the song i want to remix, then change all the tracks.... then I make ALOT of ajustments.... usualy I end up with little to none of the original midi, and my own song So having the original song to tamper with helps me come up with an idea... but I honestly dont know how most of FL studio works, I just do my best to make something that sounds good with my little understanding of the functions XP
  4. Thanks you guys! and the vocaloid im using is Hatsune Miku.... im working on getting the newest one tho..... for some reason it all out stoped working tho >.>
  5. Mostly I am a n00b (looking for free stuff) with FL Studio and I want some good sounding Asian instruments, and game blips and bleeps... (think of the great tunes by HALC with an 8 bit feel to them) I already got the soundfonts from Zophar's site, but thats about the extent of what I could find... I dont know if there is already a spot with this info, if there is, I ether missed it or passed over it, and if this is the case.... link please? :3 Side note..... Does anyone work with Vocaloid2? I seem to be having a bit of dificulty getting it to sing in english.... <.<;
  6. To be honest i get yelled at when i call it a "game" while around people that are realy into it, they call it a "platformer".... I guess it isnt realy a game, more of a virtual world... games tend to have quests, goals, and battles and enemies... the enemy thing is optional in second life, but it dosnt realy have the rest Its an interesting way to make new interesting friends, and trust me when i say that the furries arent what everyone makes them out to be, they are very interesting, and often I found them to be very funny and intelectual. ^.^ There are down sides to second life though... like griefers... but where I spend my time the most is a sim called Twilight Town, and I am one of the founders of that sim.. (It's roughly based on Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts)... but since im an admin there i get to ban people for not following the rules and whatnot ^.^
  7. I was just wondering how many people here play Second Life, ya never know, ya might know someone here ^.^
  8. I played Perfect World... It is interesting, but for some reason I lost interest in it... I usualy stick to second life.
  9. Yo, I heard your demo track in fl studio, and was like "hey, this is awsome" then i recognized the voice and was like "omg its pixietricks!" then I read the notes and recognized your name. ^.^ congrats! (P.S. your music is awsome too. :3 )

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