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  1. Listening to the track in the archive, it sounds like Tower of Bad Dreams might have been an earlier version of Tower of Nightmares. So unless someone else can find evidence linking it to OCR, I'm going to assume that was the case and replace it with the one from VG Mix. Thanks Rexy!
  2. Got a bit of an odd request here. I've been going through my OCR collection and updating tags (mostly adding in "track" numbers since several of them were missing it), and I came across an unusual remix that I can't locate. Now, in most cases when I have a remix downloaded but it isn't on the site, it's because it's been removed - the change log has been very helpful with identifying these. In this case, however, it doesn't appear in the log as a removed track. The remix in question is a Chrono Cross remix called "Tower of Bad Dreams," with Blue Magic as the tagged artist. The other tags
  3. You shoudl check out the Remixing With the Stars competition; it's more or less what you're describing, and it looks like the plan was to start it back up once the SFRG finished: http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41263-remixing-with-the-stars-season-3-episode-7/
  4. Closed about ten hours ago, sorry.Don't feel too bad, though, I missed it too. Been a busy week.
  5. Also, listening to the tracks... God DAMN, Prophecy. Make more of that thing!
  6. By the way, if someone could provide me with a midi of Optic Sunflower's theme I (and Xarnax42) would be very appreciative.
  7. Alright, I think I tweaked it enough so that the city stands out a bit more without looking too purple. I guess in the end it'll be up to what Darke prefers, though. Ultimately, adjusting the colors is the easy part. Any thoughts on the other elements?
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