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  1. Thanks everyone! I agree with you. I wish I could still edit this track, but unfortunately, I no longer have the files. Perhaps I will make another one in the future. Keep the honest opinions going. It can only make my compositions stronger.
  2. Hope you all enjoy it. I started it so long ago and never got back around to refinishing it. I finally gave in an posted it or everyone to criticize. GO!
  3. It's a nice composition. The main problem I see with most mixing is the balance. Before any compression is added, try getting the tracks at the right volume with each other. Try turning down the guitars (I am biased towards them too). If you listen to other commercial tracks, the guitars aren't as loud as we perceive them to be, relative to the vocals/drums/bass. This is a high-energy track so the drums and bass have to be heard. The kick and snare should be just about as loud as the vocals. The guitars should be quieter than the main vox so the vocals can sound "up front" and the bass needs to be just loud enough to carry the low end that the guitar can't. You will be surprised at how much punchier it will sound just by adjusting the volumes. It will also make the stages of compression go smoother (limiting, etc.) One more note. when you turn the volumes down, you will be tempted to mess with the "muddiness" of the guitar. however, once you turn the overall track volume up, the "muddiness" will go away. We tend to hear brighter sounds at louder volumes, and vice versa. Get the tracks in balance at really low volumes, then turn it up (on your speaker, not the track volume) to check. Good luck! I really wanna hear this after it has been mixed again!
  4. I made this track 3 years ago and want to know what you all think about it. I am open to any and all criticism.
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