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  1. Thank you for the link. Technically speaking, while indeed they had no numbers at first (numbering began 27 February 2002 with #549), the current numbering almost perfectly matches the drop down box sorting by date from the 12 Jun 2000 version of the site through to 26 March 2002. There are a few places where things seem to have gotten mixed up though, such as #1 and #8 trading places, as well as a pair of Outrun mixes, which got swapped and one was subsequently removed (#5 and #27.5). Anyways, here's what I've found for the unnumbered tracks on the changelog: 27.5 02/09/2000 OutRun 'Splash Wave' 60.5 06/05/2000 Contra 'Contravirt' (aka 'MEGAMIX Medley') 72.5 07/01/2000 Galaxy Force II 'Nominal' 166.5 11/11/2000 Alone in the Dark 2 'Hell's Kitchen (Zombies & Thompsons Mix)' 167.5 11/11/2000 Darklands 'L'homme Arme (Guided by Saints Mix)' 193.5 12/04/2000 Dr. Mario 'Funky Pills' 213.5 12/23/2000 Faxanadu 'Funk Fusion' 231.5 12/31/2000 Blaster Master 'Rocket' 249.5 01/17/2001 Blaster Master 'Through the Eyes of Tragedy' 250.5 01/21/2001 Guardian Legend '8-bit Rox' 258.5 01/28/2001 Duke Nukem 3D 'Gotham (Distorted Mix)' 277.5 02/14/2001 U.N. Squadron 'The Best of the Best' 282.5 02/22/2001 Half-Life 'Time to Choose' 312.5 03/31/2001 Dune 'Sietch to Sietch (Sekence Mix)' 326.5 04/21/2001 Radical Dreamers 'Intonation' 380.5 07/14/2001 Balloon Fight 'Ska Poppin'' 382.5 07/16/2001 Mario Kart 64 'Dream Racing' 433.5 09/29/2001 FF7 DJChubbyCvs.GoGoBoco 434.5 09/30/2001 ToeJam & Earl 'Wake Up!' Now for some of the leftovers. 05/15/2001 NiGHTS into dreams... 'Good NiGHT' 05/16/2001 Final Fantasy VII 'Aeris Chasm' These two both could be 344.5, along with a missing 5/15 Lufia2 'OfSinistrals' remix that doesn't appear on the changelog. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 'Doom Castle Metal' This one is a real oddball. It shows up in the alphabetical list on 31 March 2001, but never shows up in the chronological list, so I can't get a fix on where it fits in with the current numbers. Adventure Island 'Higgins Goes to Miami' Final Fantasy VII 'Adelante (Mako Reactor)' Super Mario World 'Flat Goom-Beat' I couldn't find these 3 at all, and archive.org doesn't have copies of the site after 26 March 2002 (or at least it's not loading them), so I'm afraid they'll have to remain numberless for now. Also found a few more non-changelog surprises in there. Like a Final Fantasy I mix titled 'Beginning' at 324.5 and a Radical Dreamers mix titled 'Far Drama' at 326.5 (same as the known 'Intonation' mix listed above). There are probably more like them, but those two came up only because of how near they were to other changelog files that I was searching for.
  2. In the interest of some general housekeeping and saving of some sanity, could a link to the torrent update changelog be put on the changelog page? It seems kind of buried on the wiki, particularly when you click on that 'What Links Here' link over on the right side and it comes back saying "No pages link here." Additionally, the changelog page lists quite a few mixes (or non-mixes as the case may be) without OCR release numbers. I've managed to sleuth out quite a few of them on my own via archive.org's cached copies of the site all the way back to April 2000, but for the sake of completionists like me, it would be nice to see them given that number in OCR's history. Heck, even some kind of a placeholder page for the removed mixes instead of a non-informative 404 page would be nice.
  3. I think a lot of the long time series readers ragged on AFFC and DWD mostly because of how long it took the two of them to come out, a combined 11 years since ASoS, and then it felt like nothing was really settled by either of them. Well, you're not supposed to settle things in the middle of a 7 book series. The first 3 have gone in this kind of progression: AGoT - Introduction ACoK - Build up ASoS - BLAM! And then you get to AFFC and DWD, which were supposed to be one book of build up after a time jump of something like 5 years. GRRM found that he couldn't just explain the events of those 5 years in flashbacks and memories and exposition dialog, so out went the time skip and he just picks it up where it left off. But because it started getting too long between books and he was getting stumped with how best to really proceed with half of it, the one book was split into two, and AFFC was the stuff he was happy with, and he went back to tinkering with the rest. Obviously by this point, there's a lot going on all over the place, and given how GRRM writes, which is knowing major plot points he wants to hit, and then writing to meet those points, he had to rewrite a lot of it over and over to make sure he not only liked the ending, but liked the journey to that ending as well and made sure it jibed with any of the other related storylines. This is why DWD took so long. He had to untangle the "Meereenese Knot," of plot threads, as he called it on his blog. What I'm getting at is to not expect "BLAM!" from either of these two books. They both have their moments though, where you're like "oh...oh wow, this changes things" and then you want Winds of Winter in your hands to see where it's all going next, to answer those questions that they've raised.
  4. Yeah, and that's the link on the site that failed to completely download twice. It stopped at about 33 megs the first time, and at 20 megs the second time. I'll give it a third try, but I'm not holding my breath. EDIT: Third time was not the charm. 43.4 megs.
  5. Just dropping a note that I have tried twice unsuccessfully to download the album from the site, and the individual track links all spit out a forbidden error at me.
  6. Korb

    Mega Man 9

    http://kotaku.com/5022413/lets-watch-the-first-mega-man-9-footage 30 seconds that I just can't stop watching over and over and over again.
  7. I don't recall if this was during my senior year or if it was some other year, but they bought a bag (or two?) of ladybugs from a local greenhouse (yes, you can buy bags of ladybugs) and unleashed them in the halls. I never saw it since my later classes didn't make me walk through the carnage zone, but I hear it was rather crunchy underfoot there for the rest of the day. That might have been the same year they spread cooking oil on the floor of the cafeteria and a teacher slipped in it and broke a bone. I wouldn't recommend that one unless you like lawsuits.
  8. Beautiful. I was reaching for my iPod before it was even half finished playing.
  9. Funeral The funeral was for Michael, Walt's dad. Look at the area of town it was in. It was a predominantly black neighborhood, and the reason nobody came to the service was because he had betrayed them all at the end of season 2 so he and Walt could leave. But, if it is Michael, it begs the question, why wasn't Walt there? It's not Ben because he'd never leave the island. It's not Locke for the same reasons. The coffin is too small to be Rose or Hurley. If Sun or Jin died, it would be in South Korea, not a little African-American funeral home in LA. Also the funeral home's name is an anagram for "flash forward." Walt Walt is a special kid. Special like Ben and Locke. Strange stuff was going on around him even before he got to the island. He reads a book about birds, and seconds later a bird, same species as the one he was just reading about, flies into the window. Without knowledge of the hatch, he told Locke not to open it. Odds are he's got something to do with the polar bear as well. Jack's dad Jack's father is dead. Jack was drunk and jonesing for a drug fix when he said to call his father. He was either just plain out of his mind when he said that, or it was one of those "do you know who my father is?" power-plays. So many comments I've read online indicate that people completely missed that he wasn't quite sane at that moment. Charlie This was dumb. The grenade only blew open the little glass window, which was too small for him to fit through. That huge room with the pool could have easily taken on water with plenty of time for them both to escape safely. I suppose this could all be reasoned away with Charlie expecting the grenade to blow a much larger hole in the wall, and once that turned out not to be so, there was too much water for him to easily reopen the door. There may be other decompression/structural engineering factors that I'm just not aware of, but then I remind myself it's a fictional TV show so logic doesn't apply anyways. Other Sayid killing the guy with his legs was fucking awesome. "Help me tie him up" is the greatest mother/daughter reunion line ever.
  10. When you say "after the files download" do you mean after ALL of them are done, or after the first one or two appear to have been completed? You see, BT doesn't download the files in order. It breaks each file up into pieces and then randomly asks the other computers on the torrent for each piece and just stores them until everything is done, at which point it puts everything in order. It sounds to me like you are trying to play a mp3 before the entire batch of files is done and the app can sort everything out correctly.
  11. I don't often post on these boards, but this is simply f-ing awesome. Before it was even half over I was out of my chair looking for my iPod so I could add it to the rest of my favorite OCRemixes.
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