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    Due to understandable reasons, Gladian00b wanted to be heard. However, since his ego needs to boosted through the clouds [as well as popularity], this person needs some help. In fact, if you know him at all, help him be described in a third person view.
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  1. Wow, started listening to the song, and my cracked screen made the text flicker to this very moment! How do I fix that?
  2. Hello. As the name goes, Gladian00b is a twofer. 'Gladiator' and 'n00b' would mean that even though I think I am awesome, I would still suck anyways. Whether it be gaming, music creation, or making a speech, I still suck. And yet, the Gladian00b managed, making somewhat overdone music, and he says he wants to make a set of remixes. Let's see what he's got. First off, there is only one great computer in his house, which MEANS, it is not his own. Should that be a problem? Yes! because he cannot use that device every time he sees it. He should get his own computer, right? True, but that's when the second problem comes knocking at his door, with an alias of LOW BUDGET. Because he feels deprived, he receives only about a thousand bucks per year. And his siblings of the elders use it for gas money. Dang! Second, he makes Progressive/Electro House with FL Studio. Is he trying to imitate bLind, you say?! Not exactly. He want's to make Dixieland remixes, too, after he figures out the school's tuba [The school shouldn't be involved in anything except for recording]. He's trying to get his house varied a lot more than average professionals, but they got something he doesn't: The ability to master songs to a top quality. Oh no! At last, the Gladian00b's speech will finally come to an end. If a Youtube video was made in thanks to this script, it will receive a range of one to two stars, if it get's rated at all. He... is a Linux type of guy. Even though he uses Windows on the computer that isn't his own, he should soon obtain one. And one question he poses to: Should you care if this guy makes music, if so, why?