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  1. Quick bump, we're working on getting someone to do the guitar part so we can try getting a more natural sound.
  2. Yeah, it's either the lead is too quiet or the drums are too loud. I couldn't really decide at first listen.
  3. I like the sound, but the percussion/drums feel a little too strong in the mix.
  4. http://tinyurl.com/d5bvsp6 Another composer (194) and I have been working on a relaxed/ambient rendition of the famous Cornered song from the Ace Attorney series. We're having difficulty deciding whether we should add more to the song or leave it at its simplest. This started as an accident, where I was trying to make an original melody with pan pipes, and realized that I had made the first few measures of Cornered, but slowed down. We couldn't let the concept go, and spent a month or so developing it to where it is now. EDIT: Obviously based on this - Please give a critique, we highly value your opinions.
  5. The song is very solid...except for the dubstep parts. And I like some dubstep, so it's not like I'm trashing on dubstep. But it's just thrown in, and whenever it's in there, it drowns out the rest of the music. It might've worked near the end if he turned down the volume of the wub, but it felt a little offkey during the wubs as well. Like Emunator recommended, if you're going to go with this style, learn how to use that automation a ton better. Dubstep (in particular wobbling the bass) is incredibly generic at base value, not to mention kind of ugly. If you want to examine some dubstep mixing that, in my opinion, does a good job combining dubstep with not dubstep, check out some of the things DJ Alex S has done. He's been a surprise favorite of mine lately, as he is able to throw in the wobble in a way that is very non-confrontational, which adds a ton to the accessibility of it (before it gets too overwhelming for most people to stand). (and yes, most of his songs relate to ponies. But guess what: that's why it's a perfect example...he found a timbre of vocals that could compete with the low harsh frequencies)
  6. And here, I thought the Power of the Meat was going to be the guaranteed best vocal I've heard from OCR, but you gave them a very strong run for their money. I don't really hear what the issue with his voice is. In my opinion, it sounds perfect, and the "wobbling" or whatever gives it an 80's rock sound to it. There's nothing wrong with that, people who want perfect pitch on vocals need to chill out. It makes the song feel that much more personal and "sentimental", which is weird to say about a song that is a video game remix.
  7. This is the best vocal mix I've heard...possibly in the history of OCR. The chorus is extremely catchy, the lyrics are inventive, and the instrumentation itself is spot-on. I've had this song in my head literally all day, and wound up buying the game today simply because of this song (dead serious). If I may be so bold, could I request an instrumental version of this song? Or at least a version without the main vocals (so backup singing, processed voices, etc included)? Even though I know it won't be quite as amazing without the vocals, I really want to have this as an option for instrumental if I decide to put this into my Brawl music hacks. Strong vocals reduce the usability of a song on stages, so I like having instrumentals as well. Again, great song, and I am looking forward to more!
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