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  1. Oh HELL no, that's just cruel man. I can and have beat it alone on legendary, but without dying? ....no... no way.. can't be done.. CAN NOT be done. Anyway, hardest boss goes to The 2nd level boss in Sub Terrania for the genesis. It's a giant floating head that uses tentacles to beat the living hell out of you, and this wouldn't be so bad if you werent stuck in a room that's pretty much big enough to merely fit him in it, nevermind you and your ship. I think I broke 3 or 4 controlers thanks to him.
  2. Ah, stardust speedway past version. One of my favorite songs as it was! This is most certainly one of my favorite remixes to date, just well done all round. Great work.
  3. Amazing. Beats Gothic Sandy and all the rest. So much mood to this song, it's fantastic! GJ!
  4. Shareware doom lol! That's the only "game" that has a last level where you die no matter what. Even with god mode on they still own you when you teleport. Besides the shareware doesn't even have the cyberdemon in it... or Mastermind for that matter. (or even heaven-for-fend the Arch vile, guy who would set you on fire and blow you 20 feet in the air if even 1 pixel of your player model stepped into his view.)
  5. The cyberdemon from Doom. Sorry kiddies but he ownz you. Oh and that one level In Doom II where both the cyberdemon and fight you at once.
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