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  1. 1) Reimu Hakurei (Touhou) 2) Curly Brace (Cave Story) 3) Isaac (The Binding of Isaac)
  2. Hm, I guess the Japanese charset just went AWOL?
  3. In the "About Overclocked Remix" section: "OCR?????????????????????????????????????????OCR??????? ocremix.org ???????????????????????????????????????????MP3????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????" It's on both Firefox and Chrome. (BTW, how do I make threads first-last while keeping the topic list last-first?)
  4. Well, on a bit different note, quite interesting how well it syncs up with "The Impressario". Actually took me a while to realise they were two different remixes.
  5. I think it's because this part was designed to be this way. The Opera part is divided up in three songs, this being the second one. Jillian voices the third part (much more sombre than the other two) as Maria.
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