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  1. I've been replaying this game and I noticed the gear savanna theme is actually really good, it has two versions. I just wanted to bring it to the attention of any one who would be interested in working with it. I was actually somewhat surprised that Digimon world doesn't have any remixes yet, it's a pretty good game, a bit of a cult classic I guess. It has some surprisingly good tracks though, some comparable to Chrono Trigger actually.
  2. My only qualm with this mix is that it ends! I love it. Although the ending does get me pumped up, it suddenly gets all fast and exciting and I start subconsciously dancing in my seat, then it abruptly ends, like it's taunting me...
  3. hi. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the sheet music (if you have it) to your remix "Locke's Theme for brass quintet". Me and some of my friends are wanting to learn it and possibly perform it in the near future and having the sheets would save a lot of trouble. Meanwhile I will be trying to write it out by ear.

  4. Ok I know this is an old thread but I wanted to come back to this. Thanks for all the replies. Believe me I have already searched around the internet for some sheet music that I could use as a base to transcribe it myself but its proving to be more frustrating than I thought it would, I'm not totally adept at writing music. So...VHD, I see you posted here in my thread, do you think you would care to share the sheets with me? or at least a midi file??? me and a few of my friends are wanting to play it during our schools spring concert.
  5. Does anyone know if one could possibly get the sheet music for it?
  6. I truly love this mix, it's definitely in my top 3 or so most listened to OCRemixes, and certainly one of my favorites. I only wish I could have the sheet music for this. Me(euphonium) and a few friends(trumpet, tuba, and trombone) have been looking for a good piece to learn as of late and this would be perfect. So vibrant and exciting.