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    Aspiring game designer, currently a college student, recently became single, work in retail for now. Played Marimba in High School and placed 1st in World Championships (WGI Circuit) four years in a row. Composed for awhile but trial version of Sibelius ran out and I don't have money to purchase any other programs. Links to good, free programs would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I must admit, I'm not a long time fan. I only discovered that Final Fantasy was good with FFXIII, since that was the first game to come to 360. Since then, however, I've been going back to listen to all the old music, and I've loved every second of it. So count me in. I want to experience more of this incredible music.
  2. Yeah I was gonna say that. His Knight Man one is probably my favorite though.
  3. Surprised to see that the newer Megaman games haven't received much love. Hornetman's stage is probably my favorite out of all of them so if you're only going to pick one, I would absolutely love that one, but really, with all the remixes of the music in the other Megaman games, I'm shocked there isn't a ton of this stuff already.
  4. Thank you both, I have downloaded both tracks and am listening now. I look forward to anything else anybody may have.
  5. Technically it's an FPS. You're in first person and you're shooting. It's just more of an adventure than most shooter games. And thanks, I would appreciate it =] (also, those songs were examples, I'd be down with anything from this game) As for everyone else who responded, I know all about Stemage's cover of Metroid music, and I actually bought the CD Varia Suite (and am even wearing the shirt that came with the preorder right now) however I'd like to see some stuff on here, especially since the ReMixers all have different styles.
  6. Hello all. I first heard OCRemix a few years back and always checked back from time to time...but I'm a member on so many forums that I decided not to join. However, I feel that I can go no longer being unable to post feedback and speak with such musical masterminds as yourselves.
  7. As my first FPS game ever, played on the first console I purchased with my own money, Metroid Prime holds special value to me. And the soundtrack is one of my favorites...yet I see only one remix from said game on here. It's a wonderful remix of one of my favorite tunes from the game but I feel the game deserves more love. If anyone could mix tunes such as the Space Pirate Battle theme, the Main Title theme, Chozo Ruins, Tallon IV Overworld, or even the downed frigate Orpheon I'd truly appreciate it. Of course I also adore the Meta Ridley Battle theme as well as the Magmoor Caverns theme, how
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