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  1. Another episode with that Galloster? That is very distressing. I don't like this recently trend at all. When's he gonna come back?
  2. This was a great episode. I like it when the guests are more aggressive and don't just mumble to themselves. Also Brushfire, that Trauma Center song has already been remixed. You can listen here...
  3. Guys, I think the reading of My Immortal is getting stale. We get the joke, she sucks at spelling. I can't even get through this latest podcast. It's just too much. Can't you go back to the good ol' days where you guys would throw fukung images back and forth at each other?
  4. Since Brushfire brought it up, you guys should read Agony in Pink next episode. Just don't start in the beginning, choose a random chapter in the middle and go from there.
  5. I totally remember Hover! I used to play that all the time as a kid. This is why I love you guys.
  6. Indeed. OCAD is like a bright spot in an otherwise boring and dull week. When they go more than a week without one I start to get all apathetic and emo. Also, last episode was great, guys. Best one since Big Lips Turn Stevo On.
  7. The episode was really good. It was nice to see a guest really get into for once. Also, what the hell guys, how can you not like twewy? I thought you were cool
  8. The Galloster is right. Japanese websites are the worst designed websites on the internet. Impossible to navigate.
  9. Hey Brushfire, you should try Mountain Dew Throwback sometime. It's Mountain Dew made with cane sugar and not High Fructose Corn Syrup. It has a much light, smoother, and sweeter taste than regular Mountain Dew. I understand your humor
  10. Fantastic episode, guys. Great guest, great music, and some interesting revelations into Deven's past...
  11. Guys, I need my OCAD fix... I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms D:
  12. So much for Lemons in Series. The good sites all die young ;___________;
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