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  1. Definately big improvements, very nice energy throughout. I'd say the track is done except for one part where I see potential for improvement. When the melody raises up after the boom towards the end, I think you should double that part and add some crazy synth soloing before retiring back to that familiar beat afterwards :). It feels a bit contained in this part. That's my only idea for improvement. I think it does work as it is now though :)

  2. I like it! Nice synths and cool arrangement. Just keep it up!

    Suggestion: when the song stops, drop it down a notch and then bring in the full arsenal again with some more variations to the arrangement! Some instrumentation switches would be nice too :)

  3. This is a great track. Great sound quality. You must have a really good guitar, and recording equipment for that matter.

    Personally I found the strumming a bit loud compared to the melodic content in the end. That's my only complaint about this mix.

    The first half is my favorite. Great use of four guitars.

    I will definately make something like this in the future. You my friend are an inspiration.

  4. It is a bit empty overall. Could use some thicker pads or some synth fills or whatever to fill up some sonic space. Bring out the choir as Roz said is a good idea. There is a backing synth that feels kind of thin (the slightly distorted one). Perhaps it would work with some other more filling stuff. Alone it sounds weird. Snare drum is a tad bit loud imo. Another kick sample is a good idea too.

    The outro was cool ^^.

    The track is a bit slow and it sort of never lifts off imo.

    I don't know the source though.

    My two cents. Sry if I came off too hard. There is stuff I liked in there but I focused on the critique to help you =). The track has potential.

  5. Allright. Here's what I think.

    Your mixing sounds pretty good now. Though I think the crash that was heard in the beginning sounded a bit too fakey.

    You added a great break a bit after the middle of the song (didn't download so don't know what time) section with some melody changeups and interesting sounds going on. I really liked the panning pecussive effects. After this section there is a raise and a change in melody. It sort of hits you in the face too much. I would enter that section normally, and then expand on the melody towards the end to give it more power. Also I think your song should end on an absolute climax without the outro that you have now. Work on building that climax which is like a repetition of the main part. It should be made more powerful. You could probably fit some more treble stuff in there. Perhaps you'd have to tone down the hi-hats though (which you might consider changign up a bit more, dunno).

    Overall, significant improvement. Good work! Definately potential for OCR.

  6. Thank you Darksim for your comment, I agree with you. Therefore - another update where I added some pretty crazy mining fx percussion for the solo and outro to connect those two. I hope it worked out.

    Critique away! Good/bad/ulgy/cool/awkward/odd/awesome/pro/newb/lulz. Whatever comment you have, it's welcome.



    (btw, original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji8OG3KwoHA)

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