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  1. @Phantasia

    Thanks for the feedback. I take good note of your remarks, you're right, the whole thing is a bit too quiet. I tried hard so my volume doesn't clip but i think i went a bit overboard:lol:

    The squeeky synth, you mean the 'alarm sound' i guess? Ok, i will do something.

    As for your Metroid mix, i listened to it but i don't feel the 'right' to give feedback as i really am a 'baby musician' (only 6 months experience with this whole DAW thing). What do you think :?:

    Yeah I mean the alarm thing ^^.

    To know how much you can raise the volume without clipping... look at the two volume bars in the very top (if you use FL-studio...) They should never become red-red, but it can get close, but it really depends on how loud you want it... Also you could try compressing the whole mix bit, if you haven't.

    Do you use FL-studio?

    Well I'm very new as well. That's only my second remix ;p. I've playing around for 4 months ;P

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