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  1. Let me be brief, this is possibly my favorite song on this entire site, and having it packaged with 6 other bum-kicking Castlevania tunes in a full album pushed you, Mr. Morse, to a Remix God. It was your album that finally made me actually listen to the music on OCR. Easily one of my personal favorites. Also, i loved your piece in the DKC2 album!
  2. All right, im no fan of rap, but this was awesomely cheesy and its undoubted that Majora's Mask needs more respect from remixers. My personal Favorite zelda game, and definitely something i will remember.
  3. Ok, good, you already got Castlevania and Dissidia. So you're off to a good start. I gotta say listen to everyone here. The PSP may have slim pickins, but the good ones are all stellar. Patapon is my first recommendation. Its a 2D RPG/RTS Rhythm game. Don't give me an excuse like 'i don't have good timing/rhythm.' I didn't think so either, but you catch on right after level one. It gets frustrating after you beat the final boss the second or third time, but who cares? It was a fun time. Im sure you've heard of Puzzle quest. Its best played Portable but both PSP and DS versions suffer horrible
  4. Awesome! i gotta ask, is this on SHOUTCast or AOL radio? I love being able to play all the music i have in Winamp.
  5. Jaeman

    Games for 2010

    I am suprised by how few of you are mentioning Mass Effect 2. I just got a 360, and im playing the original ME right now. I am shocked at how well it turned out, despite some pretty major framerate issues and load times. I love it. Also, i gotta say im getting pumped for 3D Dot Game Heroes, Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Final Fantasy XIII. Ive got my eye on plenty of other games, but if i had to pick 3, itd be ME2, Castlevania, and FFXIII. And if one of those starts to not look so pretty (im watching you FFXIII), ill probably pick up Other M or the new Zelda. OH! and i don't have dragon age
  6. Only recently did i discover the wonders of this site. There is no other place you can get excellent free music, and its always music that's unlike any that can be found on the internet. Besides, where else would i listen to bubble bobble!?
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