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  1. Hey guys, I know at least a handful of the folks here are from the Philadelphia PA area and many travel to that area to attend Too Many Games. I have a question for anyone who was there this weekend. There was a vendor there selling Lego sprites and, among other things, 3D printed figures of Final Fantasy characters. Can anyone please tell me who they were or what their business name is? I want to contact them to ask them a follow up question and I thought they tossed a business card in my bag but they didn't. Any help is greatly appreciated! Also, maybe I saw some of you guys at the show! I
  2. I'm not sure what I want to do regarding the Wii U quite yet. On the one hand, I'm a huge Nintendo fan. I've purchased every one of their consoles day 1 since the N64, and there's always some value to be had. But lately, I find myself more of a Playstation gamer, so I'm undecided. Back in 2010, I only owned a Wii. 2010 was probably the best year for the Wii... Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and I can't remember what else all came out that year, so in terms of first party and exclusive games, 2010 was easily among if not the best year of the console's 6-year lifes
  3. Saw it last night. Gotta say I liked it. Maybe on repeat viewings (going with friends next week who are busy this weekend) I'd like it more than Dark Knight, but so far it's the middle of the pack for this trilogy, with Begins being the worst (comparatively) and Dark Knight being the best (again, comparatively). The acting was solid throughout. I don't know why people are complaining about Bane. I understood everything he said perfectly. Actually, the only line I couldn't understand was one of Batman's toward the end of the movie when he gets into the Bat plane thing. Anne Hathaway nailed Catw
  4. That's disappointing news. I don't play MMOs. I don't want to interact with other people when I'm gaming (other than a select few games my one buddy and I play co-op). MMOs have the added disadvantage of being subscription-based. I buy games, not services within games. Therefore I'm going to pass on this one, just as I did FFXI and plan to skip FFXIV. Here's a question for SquareEnix people (not that they ever read this forum in all likelihood): why make numbered sequels of mainstream series into MMOs? FFXI is Final Fantasy Online 1 and XIV is Online 2. How hard is that? Dragon Quest Online i
  5. This reminded me of Yu-Gi-Oh!. When nothing else was on, I would turn that show on and watch it. Started somewhere toward the end of the first season, and I remember really enjoying the episodes that took place at Pegasus' castle, including the 6-episode final duel with Pegasus. It was an interesting enough story that I kept watching through the Battle City story arc. Now for those who are unfamiliar with the whole thing, let me bring you up to speed a bit (and if anyone is more familiar with the show, correct me if I'm wrong). Like most long anime, the show was catching up to the manga. As s
  6. Death Note, DB/Z/GT, and FMA/Brotherhood are some of my favorite series, and honestly the only ones I bought recently. When I was in college I watched a bunch of anime. Whenever I had an extra $20 laying around, I'd swing by Best Buy or Suncoast to check out the anime sections and see if there was anything new floating around or (in the case of Suncoast) if the manager there could give any suggestions since he was into anime too. To say I grew out of it might not be the best phrasing, but it's sort of true. Dragon Ball Z Kai has one more volume left to release, FMA Brotherhood just finished it
  7. XZero

    On-Disc DLC

    If I find out about a game having on-disc DLC, I will generally not buy that game. Most recently, I was contemplating picking up Street Fighter x Tekken right up till I heard the DLC characters are on disc. My rationale is pretty simple. I disagree wholeheartedly with microtransaction business models. It is a deceptive business practice. How much is Street Fighter x Tekken? $60, right? Well to the average consumer, yes. But if you want to unlock all the content, we're probably talking close to $80 if not more. It's a hidden cost. The natural counterargument is that it's optional content, but
  8. As a real life lawyer, I'll note that the next time I have to orally object to something in court, I'm going to be hearing this song in my head. If it causes me to do an epic finger point, I'll be coming for you, OA
  9. In case you didn't gather as much from Gollgagh's post above, this is the real, actual, and official timeline as provided by Nintendo. It's in an art book, a picture of which is above. The fan speculation aspect is fan explanation and expounding upon the established information. In other words, fans are trying to explain the why of the timeline, not the what.
  10. Way back in 2006(ish) when I first joined these forums, I made a Zelda Timeline thread that went on for quite a while. At that point, it was just something I was thinking about; I never knew there was a huge debate over it. Fast forward years later and we have an official answer. And you know what? It actually makes sense in some way (minor nitpicks aside). But I guess the real bottom line isn't so much a "who cares" issue as much as it is a "Nintendo probably doesn't really care." Think about it; each Zelda game is a little world unto its own. Certainly some games connect with one another (Ze
  11. As a lawyer, I'd probably argue that the use of sound effects is transformative in nature and thus not a violation if they are used non-extensively in the context of an original track. However, I am (a) licensed in only one state, ( unable at present to represent private clients due to working for a judge, and © unable to provide any true "legal advice" as a result of both of the above. My gut feeling is that if you used it, unless it was something hugely popular, Nintendo wouldn't notice and even if it did, it has infinitely better things to do than worry about that. You want to use the Ocari
  12. Quick question: does this game have traditional controls? I generally enjoyed Skyward Sword (not the best Zelda in my personal opinion, but a good entry in the franchise all the same), but I'm just as happy to never play a motion controlled game again if I can avoid it. I want to get Xenoblade partially because I know it to be a solid game and partially to show Nintendo that it has fans who want this type of content and will actually shell out the cash for it if they make it available without importing it. If it has traditional controls, that makes it infinitely more appealing. Also, as an as
  13. That's just the bronze trophy. The gold one is: [Masochist] (Beat the game without dying) Other ideas I had about this include: Super Mario Bros: [Mini-Mario] (beat the game without obtaining a powerup) Chrono Trigger: [Master of Time] (view all endings) Mega Man X: [Maverick Hunter] (beat all 8 mavericks in Sigma's Fortress without taking any damage) Mega Man X: [Haduken] (perform a Haduken) GoldenEye 007: [use the Facilities] (return to the bathroom vent after dropping down) GoldenEye 007: [shaken, Not Stirred] (unlock all cheats without using passcodes) Pokemon Red/Blue: [The Very Best...]
  14. Back in May, I played a version of this that the guys making it had at a gaming convention. It was decent, pretty true to what a GB version of Smash Bros. would be. I wasn't overly impressed with it, but it certainly wasn't bad.
  15. Just downloaded the Ambassador NES titles. That was probably the most unintuitive setup I've ever encountered. Other than that, no problems (I've heard some people couldn't get into it or download them, probably due to server traffic). My only complaint is the same complaint I had about playing GBA games on the DS/Lite, namely that you can't change the control setup to make Y and B the B and A buttons, respectively. Also, the sprites seem a bit small, but whatever. Can't complain about free crap, and given the overall quality of these games, you really can't complain in general. For the GBA g
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