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  1. CJ, I remember that Seven Force/Stage 1 remix you did last year. Always great to have some enthusiastic GH fans oboard.

    The exemple track you provided seems to fit our direction, but be warned: this source is one of the most iconic tracks from the game.

    We'll be expecting nothing short of a mind blowing interpretation. So if you're up for a good challenge, then you're on. 8-)

    I am SO ready! Bring it on! Time to chase some fiery lightning quite rapidly and BE AGGRESSIVE! :)!!

  2. You have no idea how happy seeing this made me. Gunstar heroes was one of those games that dominated my childhood. The soundtrack is woefully undermixed and I can't wait to hear all the great remixes. :)!!

    For myself, I would like to claim the track "Military at the Max-Power. That track always was one of my favorites amidst a sea of already awesome tracks.

    I PM'd Dusk (I think) and as soon as I get the green light I'll get to work :-D

  3. I've been a huge fan of the sennheiser PX 100's for a long time now, but mine broke and this brand is very hard to come by since they are no longer produced, so i figured I'd hunt for a new pair of headphones. I'm looking for a similar type, something I could travel with, but still has a terrific sound. I tried the PX 100 II's but those are inferior in my opinion. Basically, I'm looking for any sort of on ear headphones that deliver great sound. Let's pretend price is not a problem. Any suggesstions?

  4. My own thoughts on the mix: I love me some brambles so I know I had to come listen to this. Overall I really enjoyed it. There's enough going on to listen and enjoy. This is just my opinion so take it with a grain on salt. =p

    Things I loved: The ending, around 1:38 - 1:47 this part is really crisp and awesome.

    Things I didn't love as much. The intro. I'm not a fan of those off-tune distorted bells. They almost made me turn off the mix right there. I dunno, personal taste I guess.

    The mellow bit in the middle starting around 1:08 seemed to drag on for a while. It was kinda cool at first but I lost some of the momentum from the mix there.

    Again, just my two cents, overall I think it's very neat :]

  5. So this is sort of a branch off a submission I did a while back. You may be wondering why I'm combining these three sources. Well, all three of these sources share the same progression at some point = i -VII - VI - V I've got it most of the way done.

    Remix: (I submitted this.) :D


    Ninja Gaiden "The Decision" -

    (Starting at 0:22)

    American Gladiators (Snes) title -

    Ice Cap - (Haha no, but seriously)

  6. So I've decided to buckle down because it's obvious that I really need to get my production improved before I can go anywhere.

    So I'm starting with some very bare and basic drums, which are my weakest point. I attached here just a simple beat I created, with a kick, layered snare, clap, and a couple hats. I want anybody willing to tear this tiny beat apart and tell me ways I could improve it. All I've done so far is what I know, some reverb and some variation in the velocities.

    Beat: http://tindeck.com/listen/rvkd

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