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  1. Ha ha, Xenogears album comment fail.

  2. Do you really think you are smarter than the original composer? only the original composer can add/remove the melody! do you really think Mitsuda listened to it? you guys just pathetic.. As if, then where is Nobuo's response? ohhh the're none! you can express you're "art" by making original songs but no one would even listen to it if there no great title behind it, right.. that's why I claim you suck!! you just using the name for spreading your "art". If you'd take money for this, that would be just ridiculous.. here is a great example how to make a proper remix: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01242/ you can learn something from him..
  3. Have you ever heard the Black Mages, Battle scene II.. It's almost unrecognizable but it sounds great.. try achieving that.. the whole point of remixes is to make it sound better.. you can't just take a complete master piece and put you unpleasant originality to it.. you can add solos or other stuff that FITS!!! you got the whole remix stuff so much wrong.. you nor I have the rights to change the melody of the original.. I you want to put your originality, make your own song, with out riding on the franchise.. if you treat review like that and making excuses and telling me not to listen to it, you just suck..
  4. I didn't mean stop making Remixes, I meant stop doing it wrong..If you're trying to make a good remix at least hear the original one first.. secondly take a specific genre you like to listen to and you know what the samples you need to use for your mix.. then listen carefully what is the right chords at the right order.. that is the least I can give you.. If you wanna hear how to make a good remix listen to this! http://remix.kwed.org/download.php/1967/Lagerfeldt%20-%20Dutch%20Breeze%20-%20Robocop%203%20%28Progressive%20Uplift%29.mp3
  5. Ha ha, Xenogears album comment fail.

  6. You ruined FFVII and now this??.. how dare you even touch such a great soundtrack like that? it's one of the best soundtracks by Mitsuda.. you just ruined it with your lame originality.. why can't you make the recognizable remix?? don't try to be original by adding non-fitting chords or any bad sample choices.. please stop doing it!!!!!