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  1. Thanks man. You may be surprised by my FF2 songs. They are somewhat different ;)

  2. Hey congratulations dude!

    I found the thread finally, but it was a little burried hah

  3. Thanks!

    I'm glad people are liking it!

    FF Is really important to me so I worked really hard to make it the best it could be!

  4. haha! It's true!

    Thanks Cherna! XD



  6. NP, I just hope it's good enough.

    I had a little trouble with a few spots because the tempo map was messed up but I managed to make it work in the end.

  7. Hey man, Check your PMs on KNGI.

    Sorry it's taken so long hahah

  8. Hah, well I don't have a site, and I do post a lot about goings on about music on facebook so Xp

    Here's the link


  9. Would my facebook count/work?

  10. Yes, but sadly I do not get on very often

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