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  1. Next WIP of Pressure. Not much done, I had been working on it more recently but came down with Covid a few weeks ago despite getting vaccinated in Janurary. (Meanwhile none of my co workers got it and until this last week was only one of 2 in my department who actually was vaccinated. They were lucky they didn't catch it.)So last few weeks didn't feel well enough to do any work.

    Having a little bit of hard time with this one but it's mostly mental I think. Or mixing/instrument choice related. (Instruments are still very WIP) I have the structure planned out on paper already. I just have to make it work .


  2. Chugging along. The drums near the end are placeholder as I can't quite decide on what to do with them. I asked a friend for an opinion on that.

    Attached are samples of drum riffs I tried to kind of go with. If you have an opinion on which one seems to fit best. I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Another update, almost done blocking this one out I think.. i've probably had the hardest time with this one out of all i've done so far. Sure have spent the most time trying to piece it together.(And realizing later that i've fallen again into my no repetition trap that I used to years ago where I don't ever repeat a single variation of a section of music and every repeat has something different about it.>_> Without realizing that repetition is *ok and it always holds me back.)


  4. Admittedly i've had a really hard time getting motivated and trying to come up with ideas for Advanced that don't stray too far from the original tune.
    Here's what i've worked on since last time, there is a break where the real Bass cuts out to a Synth one just because that's made it easier to block out how I want to write it before recording it on a real one, while going back and forth between the two with ideas.
    There is some clipping in this render as well, so sorry about that. If you have any thoughts feel free to chime in. Also: The Vocoder likes to misbehave and so on the second loop when it starts it has drifted a lot. >_>

  5. Synthwave isn't necessarily my cup of tea. But I really like what you did with this here.
    The intro and the background chords really hit me in all the right places, however I think the lead that starts at 1:11 is a bit too forward in the mix and dry sounding. Maybe add some more effects or add an LFO to modulate the cutoff frequency just slightly, or maybe add a MIDI overdub adding Modwheel on top to modulate it a little bit by hand.
    /Thumbs up!

  6. Ok, I think structurally the song is done.
    It will be A ton of work to eventually "finish" it. (The Drums are basically still just placeholder as is the bass for the first 2 minutes) But the basic foundation is there so I can move on to building the next song.
    I like the ending a lot. (As I always love coming up with those little weird outro sections)
    But if it seems too out of place let me know what you think.

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