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  1. Two words: Machine Girl. It is one of the most hysterical over the top action gore films I've ever seen. The basic idea is that a girl has her arm cut off, and is taken in by friendly mechanics who give her a machine gun for an arm. Hilarity ensues. The same team is also making a movie called Robo Geisha that I am excitedly waiting for. It's called Robo Geisha, I don't think I need to say much more.
  2. Destillat

    NFL Playoffs

    Oh my, you are brave indeed. What did a 1-15 record feel like?
  3. Destillat

    NFL Playoffs

    I've been a Jets fan for some time now and I feel it's a classic case of stick with a team in good and bad. Ive been here since a year before Parcels, so I'm PSYCHED to see them actually holding their own.
  4. Thanks for the info! I really dug the demo so I'll probably pick it up.
  5. Well my roommate recently turned me on to the Devil May Cry series, and so after plowing through the first game I decided to try the second. Man talk about a tear jerker; the first cutscene plays and immediately you are confronted by the Devil May Cry series being killed and violated. I sobbed as a great man named Devil May Cry died. No but seriously the only time I can immediately think of was when I was 11 and playing through Final Fantasy died. I honestly don't remember what happens in the scene but You're Not Alone started playing and it made me bawl. PS: No really, Devil May Cry 2 is horrible.
  6. Hey all, I've been lurking around here for oh, three years now. I've recently taken an interest in picking up some remixing of my own (though I've not a musical bone in my body so it will be an interesting journey). Figured now would be as good a time as ever to finally make an account a post something, so, Hey! You might be seeing me around. Or I might just go back to the front page forever; we'll see.
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