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  1. It's a start. I already have that image saved. I'm more curious if the "double the trouble!" text is lying around somewhere.
  2. So I had to delay listening to the album until Christmas was over. While certainly it was a difficult wait, I couldn't justify mixing it into my playlists until I was done with my yearly Christmas music indulgence. With that said, HOLY CRAP. I knew this was going to be a good album but DANG is this awesome! I'm not even half way done listening to it and I've already 5-starred most of them. I can also tell that all the promotions and previews have kept a lot of the best pieces a tight secret, which is awesome because now I know there will be a lot more surprise hits! Also, I went and ripped all the promotions I could find to try and make my own promotional sigs and I cut this out of one of the disk arts. I'm curious to know if there's just the "double the trouble" text somewhere, because that would be infinitely useful in making more sigs.
  3. This trailer makes me proud to have a post on the 4th page.
  4. In the words of the immortal ghost of Christopher Walken; "My body is ready."
  5. The track is amazing! I'm not usually a fan of vocal tracks, but man that was awesome.
  6. So March then? Well I waited 2 year, another 2 months won't kill me. Keep up the good work! My ears are itching for some more DK!
  7. My fingers continuously twiddle as I anticipate the unfiltered greatness to come.
  8. If the preview video doesn't come out before Page 100, I'm going to relentlessly beat each and every one of you over the head with my near-infinite patience. I will also wait you to death!
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen. We have the album cover for the Bonus disk.
  10. I am on the edge of my seat for this preview, as though I am being forced to sit on a toilet filled with lava. I very almost patiently await the preview of the remix project I have waited half a decade for!
  11. FINALLY! My personal favorite and most underrated game in the series is getting a proper treatment! When this comes out, I will be frothing at the mouth with nostalgia as I twitch with glee, my childhood forcably bursting from my chest Alien style to breakdance to these sick beats!
  12. HOOOO BOY! Look at all that gold! That's what I like to see! It's only 10 karat though. We gotta get this to 14 karat gold status!
  13. I hate to be a nuisance, but I can't exactly help unless I get some answers.
  14. I think they were just messing around and it came up in this thread for some reason. It's been in the other thread for a while now. Anywho, anybody have answers for my questions in the previous page? Kindof important.
  15. Well you guys seemed to be having trouble finding an artist so I thought I'd take a stab at it.
  16. Well artistically speaking it definitely clashes, so without that background information I understand your confusion. Anywho, I guess I should compile a list of questions I need answered in this post. This is my first contribution to OCRemix and I'm not sure how this is supposed to work, so yeah. 1: How big does the picture need to be? 2: Will I need to make multiple pieces of promotional artwork including the cover art? 3: Will any of this artwork ever be printed anywhere? such as on CD's? This will give me a better idea as to how I should go about preparing the final piece. 4: I know pixel art is being discouraged, but in the case of the MissingNo sprite, it's kinda hard to avoid. After all, it's just a jumbled mess of pixels. So can I use the MissingNo sprite itself or will I need to re-create it somehow? 5: Is this album connected to any one version or generation of Pokemon games or is it just an overall Pokemon album? 6: I know this question is a little odd considering my sudden involvement with this project, but is it possible for me to join the project's forum in order to more directly communicate with others working on this project? Though I also wonder if it would matter, since I can talk to you guys on this forum just fine. Just a though. In addition, any and all comments and criticism on any and all of my submissions would be greatly appreciated. The more feedback I get, the better chances I have of bringing you guys a more refined cover piece.
  17. that might be a tad difficult, but I do think it should be included. I could easily include it in a pokemon logo if I were to make it a parody of the real Pokemon boxart.
  18. If you want I could meticulously draw every pixel of the MissingNo sprite in a hand drawn blocky style, I just figured I wouldn't need to since that's just a concept drawing.
  19. Here's a quick concept I came up with. I can make it look a lot better given time, but I want to know what you think about the setup. I may change the sillouettes into full art pieces. I was also thinking of making it look like an actual Pokemon game boxart featuring the two boney pokemon (which are apparently rarer than the other MissingNo forms) on the two different versions/disks. Also, how big should I make the final cover? I don't know if it'll get printed ever, or how OCRemix works when it comes to extra material. Also, besides the cover, is there any other pieces of art you'll need? (promotional, etc...)
  20. That sounds like a challenge. I accept. though something I feel I should ask is this: what is the overall feel of the album? I don't want to go the mysterious route if it's bright and cheery music. So if I could have a lead on the albums overall demeanour that would be great. Judging by the preview I would assume that the genre of music is all over the place, so I'll keep that in mind and try to make it ambiguous in the cover.
  21. Too vague. I swear I'm fixin to send in my own mockups for promo art. One idea I had was that the promotional artwork would be based around the five different forms MissingNo is represented as. I figure that would be fitting.
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