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  1. This is a pretty good version of the prelude and it has a very nice quality of sound to it. Try listening to it with a little less reverb/delay just to see what it sounds like if you haven't. You might like the definition a little better. That's just my opinion though. Sounds really good though, nice job.
  2. Well, there is an updated version now. I changed the middle section to mainly feature the acoustic guitar with some small nuances added and took out the synth. I feel like mainly what needs work is the lead guitar at the end section because of how robotic it feels right now (I'll probably just live record it instead, I don't think midi is going to cut it). This is basically the overall arrangement and I'm not sure if I should add some more material or not. I'm going to add fills and rearrange the drum parts and probably live record them as well. Hopefully I can do another update in 2 or so weeks. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. I think I'll take a try at redoing the middle section this weekend and see what I come up with and remove the Synth and try to redo it in the style of a guitar. Thanks for the response man
  4. I updated it already (at the top)...Added more of an introduction. However, I'm not sure if it really fits or meshes well with the original content that I had. It seems a bit forced right now into the transition (where the Bass/Synth start to come in), but I'll work on it more. And I still have a lot of work to do on the drums to make them more interesting, just trying to get the arrangement laid out right now. I may drop the synth all together and go more towards a guitar feel in the middle section to keep the song streamlined more. Thanks Archangel and thanks for any feedback
  5. This is something I just started working on the other day so it is pretty short so far. I feel like I have maybe an Introduction and an Ending/Outro right now, so I'm trying to figure out the middle and how I want to develop this song. As far as the drums go, I almost want to morph them into sort of a Drum and Bass type of feel instead of the slow ballad style that they are now. This is my second stab at a remix so thanks for any feedback! I'll try to put up an update within another week or two. Original Source: Shadow's Theme from FFVI *EDIT* (Link Updated)
  6. This is more like a meshing of 2 songs (and not so much a true remix per say ) I enjoy a lot because the genre is still the same overall. This is mostly a rough draft of what I am wanting to do as there is a lot of automation and fine tuning to be done. I also want to add a lot more towards the back half of the song, but I've sort of hit a writer's block. There's only maybe a minute and a half worth of original content throughout the song if you aren't familiar with the sources. The Witcher portion is nearly the same as the original outside of a few minor changes. I'm fairly new to Computer music so any criticism is appreciated. Thanks! Source: The Witcher - Believe Source: Icewind Dale - Kuldahar - Jeremy Soule
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