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  1. I will say Hollywood Brass sounds quite nice , but that's a whole different topic.
  2. ^Pretty much what dannthr said. Personally I wouldn't buy EWQL CCC again due to the PLAY engine alone, but that's because I've had a lot of problems with it personally. I'd wait and save up for libraries that use Kontakt (which is basically everything else)
  3. Really good sounding stuff. I'm curious about kind of mics you used though? (If you don't mind telling me)
  4. You also might want to take Komplete 6 into consideration. 6 comes with all of the core stuff and they are all the same version as Komplete 7, but it lacks some of the fluff (though some of that fluff is very nice). You can get Komplete 6 for about 300$ now from random music stores...they tend to put their older products up on ebay. Back when I bought it a few months ago it was only 250$ with no shipping cost which was a freaking steal. It looks like there are 4 copies up on Ebay right now from what looks to be a legit dealer. I'd say go with Buy.com but it looks like they are out of stock now. http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/komplete-7/?page=1656 - Comparison Chart (Massive, Absynth 5, Battery 3, Kontakt 4, FM8, Reaktor 5 are the core programs) Even if you go the Komplete 6 route and decide you just really want 7 sometime down the road, the upgrade is still only 200$. So you'd still only be spending in the 500$ range. Just my 2 cents if you're trying to save a bit on cash.
  5. Downloaded this when you first posted it on the WIP forums about a year ago and you commented on my WIP. Really glad to see it finally posted.
  6. I'm hoping to have a substantial work in progress recording done by the end of January.
  7. I'm curious as to what different techniques people use to make their work flow faster and more productive. I know for orchestral works it seems to be common practice for people to start with a template of Strings/woodwinds/etc...export that to a template with choirs...export that to a template for percussion, or go percussion -> choirs instead and so on. For the past year since I've been attempting to get better at making music it seems I'll get a pretty solid idea down and end up wasting time listening to it repeatedly. Though I'm beginning to get better at this since I've started to force a deadline on myself and that always seems to help me keep the creative juices flowing. I'm just wondering what people do to maintain a good work flow, what kind of templates you use for different styles of music, any programs that you feel really help your work flow, and anything that comes to your mind that you think is pertinent to this topic! If there's a topic on this, sorry .
  8. Yeah, I got pretty lucky on those. The guy had to sell a lot of his stuff because he was moving in with his girlfriend or something. They have some cracks and cosmetic damage, but they sound fine.
  9. Headphones: Sony MDR 7506 (60$ off of ebay) Monitors: Yamaha HS 50Ms (the pair for 40$ off of craigslist)
  10. Yeah, I'd definitely say I regret not buying the other mic positions for Gold while they were on sale (and when I had money) so get those if you can.
  11. I already liked the original a lot, but this really pulls at your emotions. Amazing.
  12. - Fight scene with Miguel in Chrono Cross. I guess it's not necessarily the song itself but the visual and the track together.And obviously a spoiler if you've never played Chrono Cross.
  13. I played percussion throughout Middle School, High School, and now 4.5 years into college going for a degree in Music Technology. I was all into Marching Band like most drummers usually are for a while and I still like to watch DCI shows and such but its just not my thing anymore. I didn't pick up drumset until a year and a half ago oddly enough. I'm decent enough to do some pickup Jazz/Rock style stuff, but it's not something I'm particularly proud of. I guess my main forte in music is I'm a pretty solid Marimba/Vibraphone soloist and I actually feel like I'm a fairly solid arranger at this point in my life. I actually just had the Madison Scouts practicing about a mile from my house today, but sadly I missed them due to work. As far as mixing goes: I only just started about a year and a half ago. I actually started out on Digital Performer (ugh) and moved to Cubase/Reason about a year ago. I remember listening to OverClocked Remix 7-9 years ago for the longest time but never really posted until more recently. I guess you could say I chose my degree in Music Technology due to a love of video game/film music and just music in general really. I've always felt like it's never really gotten the credit it's deserved. Though, it does feel like more people in general are starting to enjoy this area of the music industry. I keep all my stuff that I've ever done just so I can see how I progress. And I can definitely say listening to stuff when I first started a year and a half ago to now there is a very large difference in the quality.
  14. This along with Mamacitas are two of my favorite mixes on the site. This mix just transitions so smoothly.
  15. I have a question. I'm considering buying the complete composers pack since everything is half off right now. I'm probably going to go with the Basic pack just because I'm trying not to spend TOO much money. I was wondering if theres anything not in the basic pack that is just too good to not get. And is there anything in the basic pack that just isn't really worth it that would be much better supplemented with something else? I'm sort of fighting between buying the pack for 749$ or just buying Symphonic Orchestral Gold for 240$ The basic pack is: Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete Quantum Leap Pianos Symphonic Choirs Goliath Stormdrum 2 Voices of Passion RA
  16. I'm definitely digging this remix. It's different and the layering of the parts is really well done. And I really like the glitching.
  17. Thanks for the ideas. And yeah haha the Aphex Twin song wasn't my own personal choice of songs and I've never really listened to them very much. We played Nannou though and it came out pretty well with our setup. I'll take a listen to some of your suggestions. I'm not sure if any of us can sing that well though.
  18. So every summer my college/degree has an electroacoustic ensemble group. We each pick a song or two (or write our own) and play them for a couple different concerts. In years past we've done stuff like music from Megaman, Chrono Cross, Aphex Twins, The Police, The Dreggs, Sigur Ros, Steve Vai, etc. I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas for a piece for a group like this. We're really limited on the number of players this year as we only have 4 players so we'll have to do some single hit programming most likely. I already have a FF6 Medley in mind that includes Opening theme, Battle Theme, Fanfare, Terra reprise, The Decisive Battle and possibly the Fierce Battle somewhere in there. However, I want to possibly do arrangements for 2 different songs since we have so few players. Our instrumentation options are: 3 people who can play: Drumset Electronic Drumset Vibraphone with motor Malletkat x2 with pretty decent sound modules in most cases. Drumkat Handsonic Zendrum 1 person can play: Bass Guitar or Electric Guitar If we put the Bassist on electric someone will have to cover bass on the malletkat most likely, which is fine. The main reason I am asking is because we thought we would have 5-6 players coming in. 4 seems to limit you a lot more in your song choice. I'd love to hear some suggestions and thanks for any ideas.
  19. Awesome work man. I actually just turned in my Orchestration project 2 weeks ago and had our wind symphony sight read it. Unfortunately we had to all pick between Schumann pieces so its not quite as cool as this . I think it needed some light percussion though like hoboka said, but its still great. Maybe the occasional suspended rolls or cymbal scapes to add some effect. I can definitely feel your pain with the project...arranging for large bands is a ton of work.
  20. One of my favorite songs from Chrono Cross. I actually like the feel of this, but I feel like you could beef up the sound scape a bit and tuck in some more sounds in different frequencies to make it sound more full. (I'm not sure how or where you would do this, it sounds sort of thin overall to me at least.) Maybe consider changing up the lead melody instrumentation to something other than just the piano and vibe sound in part of the song to add some variation also. I think its a cool take on it though; we actually did an arrangement of this for an electro-acoustic percussion concert at my college based on one of the remixes on this website.
  21. Yeah man, I definitely like it as well. Probably going to be downloading this. Nice job.
  22. I am curious as to what all programs you generally use if you don't mind me asking by the way. I liked the other stuff you put up on reverbnation a lot also, so I guess it sparked my interest. Thanks
  23. Did some minor updates to the drums, added some more intro ambience, and filled the middle up a bit more. Hopefully when I get some free time I can get some live recordings done.
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